Your Worth isn’t even on the Table

Your Worth isn’t even on the Table

Try this on for size.

Your WORTH isn’t up for questioning.

Your WORTH isn’t even on the table. It’s non negotiable. It’s not even a THING!

The last month or so I’ve personally been grappling with this nasty energy of unworthiness, self doubt, and not enoughness. It’s been more present than usual, more up in the air and showing up in all of my client conversations.

In fact part of my own marketing, part of my own message has been about self value and worth and that our feminine essence helps us know our own inherent value. There is a subtle flaw here I want to transform.

And that is this: I no longer want to use my feminine energy or essence as a bargaining tool for my own value as a human. I no longer want to use anything as a bargaining tool for my inherent worthiness or existence.

How many actions do you take, words you speak, thoughts you think, deals and agreements you make, relationships you stay in because they are somehow a bargaining chip for your own value?


When I really got this, I started to see everywhere that I was still attaching my value out in the world as something that could be questioned and how that was creating a vicious cycle of self imprisonment. Everything in my world was a question of my own value and that was painful and heavy. When you make your value something that’s not questionable, you can start to get down to the real deal about what’s really going on, what you really want, and what really matters.

You come back to pure choice, freedom, and appreciation. You realize people don’t choose to spend time with you because you are better or less than, but because they are choosing to. You realize that sex isn’t something that makes you feel more worthy, it’s something entirely different. You realize that money doesn’t equal “you are this valuable”.

Doesn’t that change a lot??? It did for me and all my clients who I sent this audio to already. And I want to share it with you. It’s something I asked Paul Cooper to do with me because he was the one who gave me this gem and he is the one who can best deliver the energy of it.

Here’s what’s inside this audio: 

1) The transmission and download on “your worth is not even on the table”

2) An understanding of how this will change everything you do for the better

3) How to escape the trap of using your value as a bargaining chip in life and how this can help you feel more clear within yourself and more clear about others and who they are.

4) Why this makes it easier to trust yourself and others.

We would LOVE to hear how this changes your life. Please email or comment.



  1. I really needed to hear this message for today. something happened yesterday with my money that i was not prepared for, and i actually said to my boyfriend, “please don’t think that i am less valuable because of this.” all this week i have been interacting with worthiness and i appreciate your take on it.
    I think its difficult to change. i allow myself to feel but i don’t feel like i’m getting anywhere. like i feel like i should be telling myself something more that just “you’re worth it.” Do you know what i mean? is there something more effective that i can tell myself to move through this? i feel like its so deep that i cant get to it.

    • Hi Amber. Part of the message here is that you’re not telling yourself “you’re worth it” anymore because worth isn’t a thing for questioning. If it’s not a thing you question there’s no reason to tell yourself you are worth it, because the notion that you’re not seems silly from that place.

      Try telling yourself “my worth is no longer up for questioning”

  2. What I got from this is “think less and feel more”. If you are in your head it’s a constant battle of feeling worthy and unworthy. Listening to this transmission gave me a sense of clarity and that feeling of newness and freshness if that makes sense. However, I noticed that I’m scared to stay in that place for long-living from my headspace gave my a false sense of “productivity” but I wasn’t accomplishing anything worthwhile. I am afraid I don’t have enough guts to follow through on what my heart wants.

    • Totally understand this. Try this, when you’re heart is really telling you something you will follow even if it’s scary. I bet you have plenty of examples of following through on that in your life. No need to worry that you won’t follow or do it right. That’s more head talk. You’re right in the right spot.


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