A few months ago, Claire contacted me about her womb wraps and graciously sent me one. I have always been a supporter of things that honor the female body, and this especially is something that provides warmth and support to the hips and pelvic bowl in a simple way.
These are handmade items that come straight from the heart.
I asked Claire a few questions about her wraps and these are her answers. You can see her work and where to buy them at her site www.cherishingwomen.org.
1) What inspired you to make the wraps?

My inspiration of the wraps was/is the protective holding quality which encourages tenderness,care and love. I needed to feel safe, held and protected; to enjoy and delight in the deliciousness of being a woman.

I was feeling a deep need to be held and nurtured.I wanted to create a very real and practical holding for my body that could support the vulnerabilities I felt around being exposed and open.
I am passionate about how we as women can love and cherish our innate knowing and our unique feminine ways and stay close with the needs of our bodies,hearts and minds.I am inspired by our innate connection to something bigger and our wild feminine nature. I wanted something that could hold me in deepening into that.
I am inspired by growth and development and sinking deeper into who we innately are and what can resource and support that process.
2) Tell us about your process for making them. 
I was using scarves and pieces of material and they kept falling off, so I started to experiment with a pattern and what could work. I had been dreaming into this for a long time. I found the wrap kind of made itself through giving it time and space to emerge .
I find when I sew them and cut them out I go into a very meditative space and put my energy and intention into the material/wrap, often feeling the people I am making them for and sending them love. I became very quiet inside and feel my connection to my source as a woman .
I connect to an energy that feels very quiet and loving. I feel it as simple prayer and communion with life we are all connected through.
3) Why would a woman want to have a wrap and how could she use it?
I really loved receiving this from a woman yesterday about her experience of wearing a wrap;
“Got my wrap yesterday and haven’t taken it off yet! It is absolutely divine and I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one! I love my womb wrap so very much!  It’s soft and durable, feminine and warm – and provides a comfort I never knew I needed so badly!”
spot wrapWearing a wrap gives holding around the stomach,womb and kidney area.This gives support and warmth; soothing for the body and enhancing the feeling of emotional well~being.
Wraps can be especially supportive with physical pain and /or cramping. There is a pocket at the back for a hot water bottle to help warm and soothe the painful areas. A hot-water bottle can also be slid in at the front for all round pain relief.
Wraps can be worn everyday for as long as needed. They can be particularly helpful when you need more holding and extra support. They can help with feeling bloated by being enveloped and wrapped in cosy material.
They can also be used ritually for honoring and celebrating our womb space.Herbs, crystals, flower essences, written intentions and sacred words can be placed in the pocket to strengthen the ritual and support healing.
Lucy Pearce of  ‘The happy womb.com ‘ shared her experiences of wearing a wrap.
When Claire Taylor of www.cherishingwoman.org contacted me to tell me about her womb wraps, I was so excited to hear that there was even such a thing, having struggled with menstrual cramps,lower back pain,symphysis pubis, pelvic pain ,chilled kidney problems over the years. Having been sick for weeks, with monster PMS and chronic lower back pain, I needed some comfort and love… and fast.

Holy mama, it was divine. So, so soothing. Pure heaven.Soft, stretchy, warming – like having a perfect hug around your belly and lower back. These fleecy wraps are so nurturing. Beautifully made by hand, you can tel they’ve been stitched with love -It was soothing and warming and gives gentle support to the whole belly, womb, kidney and pelvis area. You could wear one round the house or out and about without anyone looking twice.

wrap 2

4) Is there anything else you’d like us to know?  

I want women who struggle with loving themselves and being in the world to know they are not alone and that I have struggled deeply around this and I know other women who also struggle. The shame of this struggle I feel can be very isolating and perpetuates a negative spiral.
I wish for us as women to really love ourselves as we are and call off the searching or need to be different in any way. I feel our simple loving actions have huge ripple effects. Loving ourselves is a way of life and one i feel we choose again and again. 

I Love wearing my wrap when it’s cold in the winter months, during my bleeding time,  and anytime my hips need some extra support. This could be wonderful for pregnant mamas as well. 🙂
Thanks for crafting a unique and heart felt offering for women to honor their bodies and cycles Claire!
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To get your own womb wrap go to www.cherishingwomen.org.