Cultivating Feminine Presence: Womb Love 5 Day Audio Course

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There is a power inside your pelvis, there is a center point of your being, a source of your feminine core and essence, and it lies right smack in the center of your beautiful HIPS!

I want you to ask yourself a very deep question: When was the last time you paid any attention to your hips, your pelvis or anything inside of it?

If you are hearing crickets, then you are not alone. If you’re thinking, well, not since I had my last child, or since I started trying to have a baby, or since I started have sexual desire issues in my partnership… you are also not alone.

This audio course on Cultivating Feminine Presence and Power is called “Womb Love” because your womb-space, which you will learn a lot more about, is THE key to activating your depth and presence as a woman.

Throughout this audio course, I’m going to show you how to locate the source of your feminine essence, feel it in a tangible and practical way, as well as give you loads of other powerful tools to activate the rest of your bodies juicy, amazing, sensual, warm, mysterious, loving, powerful presence.

Through these 5 days you are going to move through these keys of Feminine Presence:
1) Your Core and Your Essence- Specifically your Womb space
2) Your Energy- Increasing your Confidence and Radiance
3) Activating your Heart-Light /Connecting Womb and Heart
4) Learning to Receive like a Queen
5) Unlocking the Power of your Voice

This course works when YOU put the tools into practice and see what happens in your life.

The Course is $22 for forever access and clicking the link below takes you to the course portal where you can access the audios and instructions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you go!

Much love!


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