Intro and Welcome

Welcome to this 5 day journey into cultivating your feminine magnetism, essence, and presence. I created this for you to listen to each audio each day. Each days ideas and practices will build upon the last. These audios will take you through the foundations of feminine presence and magnetism so that you can feel more confident being the full expression of yourself and your soul.


Take a moment to get familiar with the audios and the concepts and read the following to prepare for your journey.

1) START RIGHT NOW and begin your journey. And commit to listening to the audios daily.

  2) I recommend keeping a journal about your experiences moving through the practices and tools in this course.

3) Ask a few good girlfriends to do this course with you! Doing this work in community can be so nourishing. Think of who you would really love to share this journey with and ask them to buy this course and flow with you. You can invite friends to join, please send them a link to join the email list to receive this free gift!

4) Join us on Facebook for extra support where I will available for coaching and questions. Click the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/611255922261015/ and ask to join us.

Stay Connected with me!  If You have any other questions please email me at lauren@femininerhythm.com. I love to hear about what is shiftng as you do this work.

A lil more on Presence Your Presence is a valuable thing. People who have a lot of presence tend to be more successful, get paid more money, and feel and look more confident.

When you have a lot of presence, your life tends to flow and feel more effortless and fulfilling. Your Feminine Essence is an access point to your soul. And when you are connected to your soul, your light shines out effortlessly to the world. Your presence is the way you show up in the world, the way that you perceive the world and how others perceive you.

Day 1: The power of your womb: Why cultivating this practice helps you feel and consistently stand in your value

Day 2: Integrating the Heart-Womb Split (How to have depth AND warmth at the same time)

Watch the Video for extra understanding:

Day 3: Confidence + Radiance: Are you Afraid to take up space?

Day 4: Learning how to receive ( so you can open up to more of what you want)

Day 5: Unlocking the power in your VOICE