Element: WATER

Organs: Kidney (yin), Bladder (yang)

Emotion: Fear

Virtues: Courage, Will, Flexibility, Fluidity

Body Elements: Bones, Joints, Blood,

Energetic Signature: Like roots and seeds planted deep in the dark soil, we hibernate, we gestate, we allow the magic in the underground to potentiate our seeds. We learn the lessons of water and fluidity, we work with our fears to embody more of our own self, we take up space in our bodies in places we have not been before.


Artist: Me, Lauren Sheehan. A hand drawn, hand lettered piece.

**Allow your yin reserves, your vital energy, and your deep root structure to be re-established within you****

Today is the Winter Solstice.  As we enter the season of winter, stillness, water, darkness…. we can learn the gifts of the energy of this time and surrender into the season with a willingness and desire to learn from winter rather than fight against it.

This time of year governs the water element in the body, the most yin element and the organs, the kidneys and the bladder, the kidneys being the organ that is the root of our essence. bones and joints are effected as they are nourished by the water element. The kidneys health rules the health of our bones and structures. The kidneys contain the “root energy for all the other organs” and this sparks the energy in your body.

In many ways, this season is about cultivating a deep internal structure that will support us in the creative life of the next yearly cycle. If we look at the development of a human embryo, we see that the nervous system and the spinal tube are of the first things to begin growing. The “backbone”, the structure with which the tiny being will rely upon for physical, spiritual and mental structure, is imperative.

This season is a time when your system is re-organizing and restructuring your energetic and spiritual “Backbone” to support the coming year, and you may not even know really what’s in store. It can feel challenging with our cultural conditioning because this kind of growth occurs underneath and  beyond. It is not seen. And it requires slowing down, more stillness, and much more care.

The shadow of this season is that the knee jerk reaction to feeling so emptied and still, can cause extra fear reactions, overusing and overworking our reserves and taxing the kidneys. If we can work WITH the energy of the season we can be with ourselves

It is a time where we are in the dark, in the soil, where outside appearances look dead, barren and resting. Though much is happening internally. Seeds planted begin to be nourished in the soil, roots begin to form, the energy that we need to be replenished lies within, inside, underground, deep, moist, and not outside where it seems like there is “light” and comfort.

This season heralds in a call for :

* Inward reflection

* Rest

* Restoration

* Healing

* Stillness

* Being

* Fluidity

* Fluid and Slow movement ( tai chi or qigong, yin yoga)

* Warming and Nourishing foods ( warm broths, hearty stews, red meats, tea, cinnamon, sweet potatoes)

* Increased connection to dreamtime

* Reflecting upon the blessings of the last 6-12 months and tuning into any intuitions about the upcoming cycle.


Be aware of these shadow aspects:

* Over active fear and emotions

* Frozen bones, joints, and body, feeling unable to move forward

* Dispersing or leaking your vital energy through doing too much, worry, excessive mental energy,

* Urinary and bladder issues

* Holding/blockage in the pelvic area

* going OUT, spending too much time in the false “light”


We enter our practice with the cycles of life into the practice of WATER. Fluid, flowing, un-formed, and powerful as hell. Can we yield to the teachings of water? Can we listen in to the lessons of the winter stillness and darkness?

If you havn’t done the free online course yet, the practices inside of it are a great way to begin to understand how to work with your body and the energy of the cycles.  you can get it at the home page, www.femininerhythm.com