There is an epidemic happening:

It’s called Information Overload. 

What I hear often from women I work with is “I feel like I have so much information, TOO much information, so much so that I don’t even know what to do with it all”.

They say to me “I just feel frustrated, I can see all my patterns, what I need to change or do, but I just can’t do it, and I am stuck.”

At this point, most of us (including me) get caught in a cycle of seeking outside for answers. The next book, the next teacher, the next workshop, the next thing that will help you move forward.

But here’s the thing: Most often at this place in your cycle, what’s happening is not that you need more information, it’s that you are too full and havn’t digested anything. You are avoiding feeling something, avoiding your body, avoiding being present. And nothing, NOTHING, else will help you move forward until you understand how to come back home, get connected, and realize that the clarity you really want comes after you’ve returned to yourself, not after you buy that next course.

This video is about how to gain your own insight by going within BEFORE you go outside to take action. Because nothing you do outside is ever gonna feel good if you don’t feel connected to yourself.

It’s also a video that was created on two levels. This weekend I happened to record myself freestyle dancing in my new house and when I started to edit this particular words of wisdom, I though to myself, I wonder how my dance video would go with this. And turns out, it’s a great compliment to what I’m talking about and so was not logically planned but goes so well! Love it!

So not only do you get the #wombwisdom in this download, you also get to watch me free flow it out in my sweatpants.

I wanna know:

How are you handling your information overload? What routines and strategies to you use to stay connected to YOU before anything else? How do you connect your soul to your body and your heart to your actions?

Any comments, questions and thoughts are welcome!


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