On Monday I walked into a networking event, and a woman met my eyes and said hello, and I just started balling my eyes out. I was feeling tons of pressure and emotions.  I was having one of those “why are we here, is this what life is about, what is the point of all this” moments.


I immediately questioned myself about why the F I was even at the meeting if I was feeling so inadequate at the time. Having just moved, just finished my Feminine Presence class , not having any clear offerings at the moment and exploring working with several different groups of people (Personal Branding, Message Clarity and emotional resilience/confidence building with women, mentoring teen girls, and helping men understand how their energy can support powerful women) ,  I just didn’t feel  like I could do that damned 30 second commercial about who I am, what I do and who I help.


So when it was my turn, I stood up, put my hand on my lower belly, took a breath, turned my heart light on and just started speaking loud and clear.

“The most powerful part of you is the most vulnerable…” and from there some other words came out of my mouth, I don’t remember what they were.


I had no idea what I would say, but what I did know was this: What I lacked in clarity of words, I made up for in my own trusting that whatever I said would guide me.


I’ve been jamming lately with clients about personal branding and doing work on my own, which if I had to define in one word I’m realizing… is vulnerability. 


And so I was vulnerable. That is how I was being. And I knew that even though I may not have had the perfect 30 second thing, my presence would draw to me the perfect connection in that moment. And later in the lunch one woman came up to me and said “when you started speaking, I knew I needed to talk to you.”


Yesterday morning I made a video in the snow at my mountain house in boulder, it is GORGEOUS, and it’s all about what to do when you don’t know what to say, how to trust the words that come up even if you havn’t planned them, and why this is a powerful part of your personal brand. 



This 6 min video is all about: 

* Why the energy behind your words is more effective than the actual words you are saying.

* How to tune in to your womb-space and your body to always find the right words in the right moment

* How to stop THINKING about what you are going to say, and just let yourself speak what’s true inside of you

* Why it’s more magnetic and more inspiring and IMPACTFUL when you just speak without planning it

* How to have more confidence in yourself and your own voice

* Why what you start to say is always the right thing in that moment, and is exactly what is needed.


So… does this resonate with you? What do you when you don’t know what to say? Do you feel more inspired to plan your words less next time you’re on the spot?I wanna know! Comment or email me.


Until next time!