After a year off of teaching the Art of Feminine Presence, I’ve been feeling the call to teach again very very strongly. I spent 4.5 years teaching this work and through it all I cultivated a very strong practice in connecting to my feminine energy, my sexuality, and my pelvic bowl.

Over the weekend a friend of mine had a ‘come to jesus’ talk with me about my own wisdom and as he guided me through my body, I had a revelation about my womb center, trusting myself, and my heart.

I realized that I had been ignoring my womb in favor of my heart and it was causing my heart to go into a sort of ‘cardiac arrest’; my heart felt alone and exhausted. 

What I realized is that the womb and heart have a symbiotic relationship and I’ve been trying for so long to figure out how to connect the two, but have simply been over-functioning in one or the other.

And this weekend something clicked: The womb is the root and the heart is the flower, and when the womb is “turned on” the heart can blossom freely without feeling exhausted.

And this has more implications than I’m going to speak about in this ONE post, but know that when your womb and heart are out of whack and not speaking to each other, it effects everything in your life; the choices you make, the people you attract, and the things that come to you.

Now as I say this, I must tell you that I have heard this before. Rachael Jayne who created The Art of Feminine Presence has spoken about this many times. But for me, I didn’t quite “get it” until this weekend.

When I got it, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but make a video to share with you these two keys of feminine presence and show you how to bring it into your body. This was really fun for me to make, I felt myself come alive as I spoke.

Click below to watch the video and try out the practices yourself. In the video you’ll learn:

  • How the Womb and heart work together
  • My simple practice for connecting to your feminine essence
  • How to connect both the wombspace and heartspace and why it’s important that you do so

Your womb is the center of your being. In this work and my work, the womb is the place and the word we use to describe what Chinese Medicine and Qi gong refers to as Dan tien.

It can also be called Qi Hai, Sea of energy and is literally the center of the body, an “ocean” containing the most refined qi as well as the most pure.

In chinese medicine there are 3 treasures, our essence (jing), our spirit (shen), and our energy (Qi). What I love about this is that when I think about these three treasures, I recognize how what I teach when it comes to feminine presence is about all three of these things and it makes the word essence much more real to me, because that is what I do. My gift is to connect people back to their own essence and help them express it through their bodies, in their lives, and in their work.

After doing a quick google search on Dan Tien, I found some really great thoughts on this center of energy and essence:

“If our Dan Tien is strong our energy and essence are strong and our spirit is rooted and secure.” ( from

“It is the gravity center of the body and the inner energy pump.Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tantien the chi energy pump.This center can be used as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.” ( from

Working with my wombspace and cultivating a deep felt sense of the presence of energy there has been foundational to my whole life, career, and well being.

Your connection to this spot in your body will help you feel more safe in the uncertainty, help you access greater pleasure in the movement of your body, feel more confident, and yes, have way better sexual interactions.

Look forward to more videos on this subject!

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