Your twenties are about tempering your gifts and your spirit. You are a wild horse that is learning to be more precise and more efficient. You are a chaotic mess that is learning to find it’s center in the midst of it all. You are learning what you are made of and learning to amplify your own presence to impact your life and the world.

This is not an easy or comfortable process. Never let anyone say otherwise. You don’t want easy. You want growth. You want surprise. You want to fully experience what life has to offer.

No. This is not easy. It’s challenging. It’s hard sometimes. You’re climbing a mountain and this requires endurance.

You need spiritual and emotional endurance. You’ll need will along with strength.

There will be emotional outbursts. There will be tantrums. There will be crazy. There will be mistakes and messes.

There will be unexplainable and uncontrollable rage. There will be lots of tears. There will be grief and letting go.

There will be bubbles that burst. Reality checks will hit you like a ton a bricks. There will be dark places and scary things.

But your job is to remember the light. Remember that in the blackness of the night sky there are always stars. You are made of them. And you have a choice to remember the light, to focus on the light.

You have a choice. And you must make it every second of every day.  This is what responsibility is. The choice to see the light. The choice to choose happiness even in the darkest of places. This is human resilience. This is emotional maturity. This is what you are training yourself for.

You are on a journey and you will be rewarded with riches. Riches of emotional wealth and wellbeing you could never read about in a book.

You will replace lies with truth. You will understand more deeply what life is about for you. You will realize what real emotions feel like instead of forced or pretend ones.

You will replace forced smiles with real smiles. Ones that you can’t stop your face from making.

You will replace contrived happiness with a joy so deep and full you can’t even hold it all in your body.

You will replace forced gratitude with actual and unending gratitude. The kind of gratitude that softens your heart and opens you up to possibilities. The kind that makes you open your eyes and feel so grateful to be alive it hurts a little. The kind of gratitude that makes you feel like a small fry compared to the vastness of everything.

You will carve our your heart to feel what real compassion feels like, to feel what being love feels like. You will realize how precious life is and how much love you really have to share with everyone. 

You will realize that falling in love takes a short time, but understanding what love really is takes a lot longer.

You will be humbled many times over, it will feel terrible each time, like a sharp sword through your being,  and you will learn to like it. You will learn the taste of truth.

You will realize that you are not god. You will realize that you are not a devil either. You will finally be content to just be human. You will realize that there are sides but it’s never fruitful to take one or the other.

You will feel like you are losing your innocence, and you are, but you will never lose your ability to dream and your sense of wonder about the mystery of life. You will rediscover what innocence really is, from the eyes of a more mature and compassionate person.

Your twenties are about tempering your spirit and unraveling your gifts. 

Enjoy them 🙂