I am standing. It is 7am. I ground my feet, imagine roots from my feet into the floor. I stick my toungue out my mouth and breath out swiftly like a dog in heat and feel my pelvic floor relex. I relax my heart, soften my heart and shoulders, my legs are like tree trunks. I begin to imagine a glowing light in the center of my pelvis, 2 or 3 inches below my belly button, physically inside my pelvis. I breath this light; expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction. I imagine a warm dollop of honey at the base of my pelvis.


Deep and moving music begins to play. I start to rock my hips forward and backward ever so slowly. My attention flows from my head, swirling and buzzing, down into the rocking of my hips. I feel the resistance as my forehead clenches and my eyes squint, it’s as if my third eye has it’s own eyelid and it wants to stay shut.

I continue rocking my pelvis forward and backward, slowly, fluidly, pleasurably, as though I’m standing in a jar of honey. I soften my heart, I soften my jaw. The tension from the evenings sleep and the pain in jaw begin to melt away. I feel my energy in my throat and heart, my pelvis beckons my attention down down down.

2 Minutes: A thought pops into my mind and I’m back in the buzzing between my eyes. Ok Womb, I’m coming back down, I hear you. I think.

God I’m terrible at getting out of my head, damn this gemini mind…. inner smile… inner laugh.


I am as I am.

My hips have been slowly rocking like waves the whole time, I bring my attention back to the center point of my hips, my womb. I bring my attention to the sheer pleasure of the feeling of my hips rocking


4 Minutes: Slowly but surely, the feeling of my own essence starts to buzz and bubble louder than the buzzing between my eyes. The two start to become one.

My heart relaxes. My shoulders begin to melt, the tension from so many chattarangas, down dogs, clenching my jaw while I sleep, twisting my neck in wierd ways, starts to dissipate and flow to my center.

I have the awareness that my whole womb center is collecting the toxins, the muck, the ick, and circulating them to be recycled, turning it into golden fuel.

5 Minutes: The energy is building in my pelvis. My ovaries are tingling with delight, I can feel the heat of them below my fingers. My pelvic floor relaxes more deeply, my vagina begins to breath it’s own breath in rhythm with everything.
My spine starts to open, space opens up between each vertebrea, flow starts to happen, elongation, eloquent, primal energy. I have the awareness that the mind between my eyes and the mind in the center of my pelvis are the same, connected, communicating, collaborating, harmonious. .

6 Minutes: Rocking. Tilting. Tucking. Scooping. Slow fluid movement of my pelvis. A viscous fluid feeling moves up my spine and pours itself onto my brain, it feels like my brain is swimming in jewels.

7 Minutes: The song is about to end, I think. A smile I can’t control finds it’s way to my lips. My belly moves in and out released as I breathe. I follow. The only thing there is to follow, what wants to happen, whats the next movement.

The song fades to a close. My hips slow to stillness. Inner smile… still.. happening. I breathe in. Stay with this. Carry this with you. The descent IS the ascent. Heart and womb are one. Mind is integrated.

I open my eyes and grab my bag. Out the door. Off I go.

5 years I’ve been doing this practice. 4.5 years I’ve been teaching it. Each time it’s different, each time I learn something. Each time I remember more of my essence and each time I carry it more with me wherever I go. And I’m so blessed because of it.




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