dancerGreat leaders Embody their wisdom. To embody your wisdom you must be connected to your core essence. To feel connected to your core essence, as a woman, you must come home to your womb, your feminine. – Lauren Sheehan

 When a woman embodies her feminine essence, her whole life blossoms like a rose. She becomes attractive, grounded, and sensual. When she walks into a room, everyone appreciates the glow of her feminine radiance. This essence is unique to her and is her key, her compass, her guide and her birthright.

When a woman has trained herself to live from this center, her feminine essence, she doesn’t feel the need to push or force her way through life, put on personas of power or hide herself to attract the attention and respect she wants .

She is unafraid of the dance with the masculine and her presence supports and shapes the men that she gives attention to. Her work in the world becomes more meaningful and vibrant.

She speaks with clarity and confidence about who she is and what she wants, even if that means making others uncomfortable sometimes. She feels at home in her body, her sense of sexuality, and can access deep pleasure from within.

She is comfortable being seen, even in her passion and joy! She feels powerful in her family and work life, but without feeling rigid or moving from fear and angst. She authentically flows through her life.

The Art of Feminine Presence teaches us to live a life that is full and flowing with feminine energy, from our core essence. Each week we meet to gather in the deep rhythm that guides our life, remember who we are and invite more of that feminine flow into our lives. We create sisterhood and support for our creative projects, we stretch our boundaries together and lift each other’s spirits. We leave our time together feeling lit up, full, and unraveled from our daily routines.

The Art of Feminine Presence weekly classes and intensives help you:

*Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want: personally and professionally.

*Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and feel more safe and at ease with receiving attention.

*Access the most attractive force you have within them – their feminine essence.

*Learn a powerful moving meditation that easily accesses profound states of peace and joy, even on the toughest of days.

*Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.

*Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.

*Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.

*Tap into an endless source of creative power.

The First Boulder Series with Lauren will begin Sept 30th

We meet: Tuesday Evenings 7pm-9:30pm for 5 weeks

Class size: The class is capped at 8 women to keep the space sacred, nourishing, and growth oriented

This is about bringing the feminine into the practical, tangible, visceral. We will be supporting each other to grow and blossom throughout this work.

TO REGISTER: Please email me at lauren@femininerhythm.com or call me at 512-822-4392. 

If you have any questions about class, not sure if it’s a fit, please email me at lauren@femininerhythm.com


The Body of Work

The classes/intensives consist of 3 main components, which are described below.

1) The 44 Practices

There are 44 unique practices.  In each class you will explore and embody one of these.  In a 1-day or weekend intensive there will be time to explore and embody a lot more.  The practices include:

  • Physical movements that cultivate feminine energy.
  • Body awareness practices that help women “be at home” in their bodies—no matter what stress is occurring around them.
  • Energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of a woman’s personal presence and radiance.
  • Deep questioning of how we relate to our femininity, sensuality and sexuality.


2) The Feminine Presence Meditation™

This meditative movement practice is an integral part of this work that is done every class because it supports you.

  • To move feminine energy through your body: the meditation is slow, sensual, and devotional.
  • To follow the pleasure and joy inside your body: how much pleasure can you move and contain in your body before dissipating it?
  • To heal the split between the energy of your heart and your sexuality: Feel your heart and womb communicate with each other so you make more healthy choices in relationships and are more fed by both these power center
  • To let go and surrender into living a more expanded and joyful life: trust and follow the energy that wants to move you.
  • To not let self-consciousness and fear stop you, and to not let performer-consciousness drain you by always feeling you need to be “on.”  This promotes deep rest at the same time as being deeply invigorating.


3) Safe Witnessing

A powerful, feminine woman is comfortable with attention directed towards her.  Many women are starving for healthy attention.  Many of the practices are witnessed by another woman or the entire group in a safe and supportive way.

This is often the only way a woman can receive honest, valuable feedback as to how she is perceived.  This challenges many women at first, but once they discover the ways to let go of self-consciousness, it is the most healing and empowering part of the class.


These 3 components, the 44 practices, the Feminine Presence Meditation, and witnessing, are contained inside a women’s circle.  This includes a tuning in and checking in process at the beginning of the class.

Boulder Colorado Classes Begin in September

Introduction Class– Mon Nov 3rd  7-9:30pm

Next 5 Week Series Begins–  Tuesday Nov 11th

TO REGISTER: Please email me at lauren@femininerhythm.com or call at 512-822-4392. I want to make sure you are a fit for class and connect before you decide to jump in.

I am a trained master teacher of the work that was Created by Rachael Jayne Groover. These weekly classes explore this work, the feminine mediation practice, and we expand upon it from my own wisdom, inspiration, and 5 years of experience teaching this work.


Lauren is an amazing instructor and powerful woman. I’m so grateful to be in the group and I’ve grown so much in my body awareness, confidence, trusting my intuition and feminine energy. I can see many more woman benefiting from this practice.

Kimberly Maeder

Speaker and Joy Expert, Unleashing the Joy

Before I worked with Lauren,  I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I was always in a hurry, running from here to there, from the time I woke, to the time I went to bed. Now, I have a deeper connection with my body and I now make decisions from a place of deep down knowing (in my core), rather than a place of questioning and insecurity. I went from feeling asexual and androgynous (I had quit caring for me in simple ways) to super feminine. I learned what it truly means to slow down in my life and and with my family by staying in my body and that this way of being is more authentic and I am better received by others.The spark is back in my marriage, I feel super grounded and calm, I know how to magnify my presence when needed, and I have a new connection to my body, that at the age of 39, I have never had before.


Mindful Mothering Expert and Psychotherapist

“By helping me relax into my highest truth, embodying the feminine, it frees up energy so I can embody the highest energy for my truth/mission/company. It’s a win-win-win.

I really struggle with “embodying” the feminine. I certainly look feminine and at best have used sex to “get” someone. But that’s not the case anymore and I am called to be with a strong masculine man. My highest truth is the divine feminine, but I’ve felt very “lost” in knowing what that is. I have a healing business as well, L-Yoga Flow, so I “get” a lot of all of the healing/new age/conscious path…but it’s funny how if something is your “issue” it’s still your issue. So at the age of 34, after working with you, I feel like I’m happily learning how to be a woman, a true woman, the highest expressive of the feminine. And well, that’s your work! ”

Natalie Kristine

Yoga Studio Owner and Teacher, L-Yoga Flow

Boulder Colorado Classes Begin in September

Introduction Class– Tuesday Sept 23rd 7-9:30pm Meetup Details here

5 Week Series Begins– Tuesday Sept 30th (through Oct 28th)

TO REGISTER: Please email me at lauren@femininerhythm.com or call at 512-822-4392. I want to make sure you are a fit for class and connect before you decide to jump in.