This week, we have entered into a seasonal transition that is palpable to feel. Especially with valentines day today a lot of emotions can be up for you.
Can you feel it too?

Whether or not your into celebrating Valentines day, this post is about sinking into the seasons and cycles of life as it happens, falling in love with where and who you are, and what is more important when it comes to love?

On Monday February 8th, we completed the January Moon Cycle with the February New Moon. With that, we saw the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the new lunar year of the Fire Monkey. 
The last two years have been of the wood element, which in Chinese 5 element is a spring time energy, think of a seed having sat under the earth for the winter and then beginning to burst out of the earth in search of light. Plants have this amazing capacity to move past any obstacle to get the light they need. It is this bursting forth from the the ground, that we begin to feel now as we move closer to spring. It can feel agitating, angry, frustrated, walled in. And all of this is actually just what we need to burst forth into spring this year.

As we enter the next element, fire, for the year, we can see how the year of the fire monkey is meant to utilize the fuel and dreams and plans we have been preparing for and sitting with for the last two years of wood, so that we can blaze forth into seeing those dreams become real.


We must tend our fire and tend it well if we want to feel rested in our bodies and fulfilled, honoring the cycle of fire which needs proper fuel, proper air and space, and a gentle intention for its chaotic nature.


We must not forget to sit by our own fire and be nourished by what we have created. 


And we must ask ourselves what truly nourishes our fire, how much is just right, and who do we want to sit by our own light with us? Who will add magic to our fire?
In the weather, I have been sensing the energy of spring already. I have noticed over this last year that with each change of season comes a transitional season that feels like a confusing mixture of the current one and the upcoming one. Much like great life transitions, there is a period of time where we are not quite complete with the old and not quite into the new yet.

It can feel ungrounded, chaotic, restless, and wild. Especially if you don’t know what is happening with the seasons and the energy.
The pressure in the air begins to change, the position of the planet begins to change, the sunlight changes, and because our cells are mostly water, just like the oceans, the water in our bodies responds to the changing tides of the moon, planet, sun, and atmosphere.

Today in particular is the first quarter moon, 7 days after the new moon. The new moon is a time when we release the last cycle and receive the energy of the new cycles intention. On the first quarter moon, after we spend the 7 days of the crescent moon relaxing into our intention and body, is an energetic time when taking discerning actions that support our intention is very supported.

These actions may feel more like planting seeds, calling old friends, making contacts, and putting things into motion more than a FULL ON making shit happen action. It may also be a quiet inner knowing of alignment with a decision you’ve been wavering on, a moving closer to center. The action doesn’t need to always look big on the external. Remember the power of internal actions like feeling a HOLY YES on something you want to move toward or even a SACRED NO on something else. Connect into what YOU are specifically working with this cycle not what society or family is or says you should.
Whether or not you work with the moon intentionally or your menstrual cycle intentionally, your body and cells are always cycling with this cosmic force. You can begin to tune in to yourself right now simply by becoming still, breathing into your belly, womb, and pelvic floor, and listening with curiosity and adoration for your beautiful vessel.

And as always, if you do not know how to connect to your body, sense of energy or intuition this way or you need a refresher, I have a few resources for you: 


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Happy Valentines Day 🙂