Supporting a Culture of Evolving Men: The Emerging Feminine Responsibility

We want to support a culture of evolving men who don’t only see problems and try to fix them. We want to support a culture of evolving men who can see what IS right now, see the perfection in all the working parts good and “bad”, not throw a tantrum about it, and see their way through the issues of the world to the other side, to the solution, to the solution for the greater good of humanity.

We support men who are on purpose and who will stay on purpose, prioritize their purpose even over our own agendas, and willingly give their gifts to the world.

We take care in the men around us and use our intuition and gifts to help them become the best versions of themselves. We give what we can to help them grow and learn to be better stewards of our families, communities, and the planet.

We face the wounds we have with our fathers and understand how we have emasculated ourselves as well as the men around us. We face our anger and rage and we learn to move into conflict and tension with courage, so that we may come out in forgiveness and be transformed.

We have to get to a place where we can be responsible for our choices and our emotions so that we can stop presenting men with the problems of our own doing, asking them to hold space for us where we are unwilling to hold space for them, and asking them to stay small so that we can feel safe and powerful.

We can and will push a man past his edge with our full expression and our womb wisdom. We use our connection to the divine that is unique to us as women to see into his full potential.

Because we cannot do this as women by trying to take over where we feel disappointed in men, we cannot try to do it all ourselves where we feel men have failed.



Sisterhoods of women are powerful. Covens are powerful. And they become much more powerful when they are supported and protected by the stewardship of good men.

We must be looking inward to our own unique blueprint for our feminine essence to flow forth so that we can have the strength, courage, hearts, and wombs to help birth an evolving manhood as we birth our evolving selves. This is a symbiotic relationship, it always has been, like the kundalini spiral, the spiral structure of our DNA.

We must believe in men. We must believe in ourselves. This is a tall order. But we must hold it in our hearts. We can.