*****SEPT 2017: I’m not taking clients or private sessions right now. I’m diving deep into being a mama 🙂 *****

The Feminine Rhythm exists to educate women about the power, beauty, and natural rhythms of their bodies, feminine energy system, and spirit. Our intention is to guide women through the journey of remembering how to honor and celebrate their bodies, energy, and femininity through empowering you to create sustainable daily life practices that support the nourishment and blossoming of your unique expression of feminine power and wisdom.

Root Medicine:

Integrating the Female Body and Feminine Spirit

Intuitive Guidance and Healing Sessions

The Root of your body, your pelvic floor muscles, your womb space, your ovaries, your vagina, your cervix, your heart they all speak to you. Do you know how to listen?

Your body is an ecosystem that works together with many parts. When you can see all the working pieces, you begin to form a relationship with them and inside this relationship, your body wisdom starts to speak to you.

These Sessions can support the healing and recovery process from 

  • The trauma of lost/missing female organs (hysterectomy, lost ovaries, torn perineum etc)
  • Pelvic pain and other physical symptoms of pelvic inflammation
  • Adrenal fatigue, PCOS, chronic inflammation, immune function disorders
  • Birth/Labor trauma that left you angry and mistrustful with your body and female organs
  • Heartbreak, breakups, divorce, empty nest, death of a loved one

It can help you learn: 

  • to have healthy and vibrant orgasms (even if you’ve never had one, and even without a partner)
  • to care for your sexuality and sensuality whether or not you are in a partnership
  • to sync your life with the rhythm of your own hormones
  • to be a radiant, nourishing, and playful presence with your sexual partner
  • to cleanse, clear, and care for your own energy system, body, and organs so that you know how to bring your bodies hormonal systems back into balance
  • to create sustainable rituals and devotional practices that help you connect to the sacred parts of life

In your creative life they can help you:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on what’s going on in your life, career, or relationship
  • Find deep peace and healing with issues that have been holding you back for a long time
  • Trust your body wisdom, your heart, and womb
  • Feel more vibrant and creative with your next idea or life path
  • Understand how the ecosystem of your pelvic bowl, your energy system, nervous system, mind, spirit, and soul work together so that you have more energy and joy available to you
  • Let go of shame and emotional sludge held in your root that is holding you back
  • Reconnect to the energy of your femininity and the feeling of knowing who you are

You will feel held and whole in this space.

I combine my experience and wisdom from my studies in the divine feminine, sacred daoist sexuality, entrepreneurship, sports medicine and functional fitness, eastern medicine (ayurveda and chinese 5 element), paleo and whole food nutrition, yoga, dance and movement as well as my personal experience in deeply sacred and intimate relationships with highly aware men, and exploring the forest of my psyche and the terrain of my own body.

I believe in empowering you to become and live your own medicine. Your body and spirit have an innate ability to heal and guide you. Your resources as a woman to know your gifts and find your own medicine through your body and your joy are abundant.

There are two ways to work with me in Root Medicine Sessions

  1. Virtually as an intuitive guidance and healing session
  2. In person in a more traditional healing setting, where you get to lie down, let go and experience the power of your female body and feminine energy in a whole new way.

Each Session is 90 minutes.

Root Medicine Virtual

Intuitive Guidance and Feminine Ecology Session


If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, exhausted, worn down, and low energy. If you’re feeling disconnected from your intuition, and inner wisdom and if you’re looking for deeper understanding of your own relationship to the feminine, to your energy system, and your natural gifts, this session has something for you.


You might already feel very intuitive yourself but it can feel difficult to step outside your own box and hear clearly the higher guidance that’s coming through. I’ve always found it so helpful and empowering to have another person I trust to hold this space for me.


And so I want to offer this to you.


These sessions are different than a mentoring or coaching session in that they are truly a space for you to come with your questions, challenges, and confusions so that you can have a clear place to see them, get reflections, and make shifts from a higher perspective.


You guide the session with your questions and I will provide the information that I see and feel. Together we will discover what guidance comes through and what steps you might take.


I’ll provide you with a recording of our session and you’ll have clear guidance as to your next steps in life and at least one practice that you can begin implementing to ground in this next part of your path.


How Virtual Root Medicine Sessions Work:

Sessions are 90 minutes.

  1. We meet on skype or facetime. I light a candle and we begin with a grounding practice to create a sacred space together and connect to a clear channel of higher wisdom for you
  2. From here you’ll ask about the 1 or 2 areas of your life you want to explore and I will share the guidance that comes through me.
  3. To complete, I’ll guide you through a meditation where you can sink deeply into the the ecosystem of the root of your body, energy system, and pelvic bowl. In this space, you have the room to feel yourself without fear or judgement and discover how to listen to and heal the relationship between you and your root wisdom.
  4. After our session I’ll send over the recording as well as any notes or instructions I have for you.

Session Investment: $135

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Root Medicine In Person:

Feminine Energy Integration + Guided Feminine Ecology Session


These sessions are a combination of hands on energy healing, guided embodiment, emotional release and intuitive guidance for your life path. These are in person only sessions as we meet in my healing space in denver/boulder area.


What is Guided Embodiment:

Guided Embodiment is a process of helping you orient or reorient yourself to you physical body through proprioceptive touch of specific areas of stagnation, tension, and closure, so that you come into a visceral understanding of the space in your body you have to inhabit and how to awaken disengaged muscle groups through your own breath, attention, and the help of another’s presence and directed loving attention through their hands.


Proprioception is the awareness of your own body in space and time. It is a key awareness tool to cultivate when it comes to feminine presence, power, and self care. It is vital to listening to your inner body wisdom and feeling into the deeper needs of your being so that you can learn to meet those needs in a healthy and fulfilling way.


I work with the emotional, energetic and physical roots of the body to help you come into a nourishing and relaxed state of feeling and living in your body.


I also work with your relationship to your feminine energy and spirit, in order to help integrate and reclaim the ways you have disowned the beauty and gifts of your femininity.


How Root Medicine In Person Sessions Work

Sessions are 90 minutes

  1. We meet at my Healing Space in the Denver/Boulder Area and we will begin with a grounding practice to create a sacred space together and connect to a clear channel of higher wisdom for you.
  2. From here you’ll ask about the 1 or 2 areas of your life you want to explore and I will share the guidance that comes through me.
  3. Ill guide you through the process of guided embodiment, which uses meditation, subtle body awareness, breath, and movement so you can sink deeply into the the ecosystem of the root of your body, energy system, and pelvic bowl. In this space, you have the room to feel yourself without fear or judgement and discover how to listen to and heal the relationship between you and your root wisdom.
  4. We’ll complete with reflections on your experience and making sure you have clarity on what you can implement in your life to make the work we do sustainable and practical.


Session Investment: $135



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The Top Reasons I see women come to me:

1) Relationship/ Breakup Detox:
Did you know that after you leave a relationship, the wounds, memories, and energy of that time in your life is stored in your body? An elder wisdom keeper once told me it takes 9 months to clear the energy of a man from your pelvic space and energy field.

Breakups and relationship endings are traumatic, painful, and heartbreaking no matter how aware you are or where you are at in life. It can be easy to spiral into depression, negativity, and chaos during this time. It can be easy to self beat yourself into getting over it in two weeks and being “fine… just fine..”. Sure I sort of believe you. 🙂

Why not use this time to learn to love yourself, clear your field, revitalize your body, and re-pattern habits so that you can begin your next chapter fresh and clear?

2) Career/Work Transition/Purpose Upheaval (AKA I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here on earth)

One of my teachers has told me “A day you go without touching into your sexual essence (the feminine) is a day you have no idea why you’re here”.  Our sexual essence, your feminine spirit and soul are deeply connected to your destiny, desire and purpose here on the planet.

When you feel disconnected to your desire: either you have no idea what you want or you want everything all at once without any clear direction, you are in a state of confusion and overwhelm. You probably feel ungrounded and chaotic and wondering how to navigate any emotions and feelings that come your way.

My work helps women re-connect the channels physically, energetically, and spiritually back to their source essence so that they can recognize the signals their body sends them, clear away attachments that keep you in habitual unhealthy patterns of relating, and to re-build the relationship between the emotions, the body, and the soul so that harmony and deep peace begin to become a regular occurrence in your life.

3) Lack of Self Expression, Sexual Wounding , Fear of Opening up to Intimacy

Whether or not you’ve experienced physical sexual trauma, chances are that by being a woman raised in a western culture, you feel sexually confused, shut down, guilty, or a little bit broken.

This can lead to patterns of people pleasing, feeling always manipulated, like a victim to life, and without power to change your circumstances.

Much of the emotional sludge, and physical tension held in the pelvis is related to issues of security, sex, and power. If you are having trouble processing emotions like anger, grief, sadness, and rage, my work can help you through these thresholds so that you actually release and shift in a sustainable way.

As we work to help you become more intimate with your inner world, you can begin to re-create new relationships or re-build current ones so that they nourish the kind of connection you desire.

4)Clearing the Way to receive a New Partnership, Business, Child

Sometimes you just know that it’s time to prepare for something new. My work can help you gain clarity and have the guidance to do what’s necessary to clear the way in your physical life, space, body, and energy so that you can receive what it is you desire.

5) Fatigue, Exhaustion, Self hating/Unhealthy Self talk, Hard Shell woman (AKA “I’m too masculine”)

Often business and entrepreneurial type women work with me because they feel so hardened and exhausted in their life and work. They notice they have a hard time with their male relationships or are not taking time for self care. I help you create sustainable practices and rituals that give you time and space to learn the arts of feminine self care so that you can soften up and find more ease in your life.


Here are some other examples of reasons women work with me… they feel:

* Stagnant, Stuck, in emotional sludge, spiraling into chaos

* Pelvic Pain/tension, cut off from the lower half of your body

* Issues with their menstrual cycle and it’s connection to their energy, life and family

* Afraid to open yourself to love and intimacy/ Sexually wounded

* Disconnected from your internal core of joy, freedom, and ease

* Ready to detox from old relationships, careers, dreams

* Adrenal Burnout, Exhaustion, Hardened Shell, over heating

* Confused about how to navigate the feminine spiritual pathway and stay grounded

* Ready to heal patterns that keep their relationships unhealthy

*Unsure if they want to have children, but want to connect to the power of their femininity and creativity

* Post Childbirth and feeling disconnected from their bodies, sensuality, and vibrancy


It is important that you know that anything that is shared is 100% confidential and that I am not “god”. Anything that comes through is something that you must decide feels right to you.



1. the part of a plant that attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers

2. the basic cause, source, or origin of something


1. cause (a plant or cutting) to grow roots

2. establish deeply and firmly


Working with Lauren allowed me to become solid in aspects of me I didn’t previously know were mushy.
After each session I felt both renewed and inspired, but also that we had gone all the way through to the other side of whatever I was challenged by and experiencing.  With other coaches, I might feel better and have a new perspective.  But with Lauren, I always felt like I went all the way through to the other side and the issue was completely transformed.  While I had new understandings, it really was the energetic transformation that made the most difference for me.
I also want to add that through working with Lauren I feel more anchored in my own soul.
A from San Francisco

Life Coach, Mother of 4, Wife and Mentor

Working with Lauren has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. Having her as my mentor fundamentally empowered me at a deep level, and I still see the benefits of our time together a year later.

Lauren has a unique ability to see what is hidden, to dissolve your fears, and go with you, gently and boldly into your most unknown places. She will help you find treasures within that you never knew you had, and give you an amazing and empowered view of yourself.
She will also give you some kick-ass tools to ride the waves of your experience, embrace who you are, and EXPRESS it more fully!

My way of relating to myself, my emotions, and other people have benefitted dramatically from working with Lauren. Most notably my relationships with men are radically different: I feel so much more free and empowered and can enjoy myself so much more in relationships, free of anxieties and ‘survival tactics’.

If you know deep down that you are a powerful, unique, beautiful, loving woman, but your life experience and the way you express yourself in the world don’t fully reveal the strength and potential you have, then I can highly recommend enlisting Lauren as your valuable mentor and ally.”



D from Germany

Before my sessions with Lauren, I always thought that I knew what I wanted to talk about and release. This was all my stories, because once  in her presence, the real stuff needing my attention would surface. She would guide me into my body through a beautiful meditation that I still practice, and I would then begin receiving messages from my body about what I needed to place my loving attention on at that moment. Lauren’s presence and intuitive guidance would lead me to listen to what really needed my focus. While working with her I was able to increase my self-awareness substantially, learn how to listen to my inner guidance, and begin releasing behaviors that were not serving me, especially people pleasing. Lauren has an ability to share her healing gifts in an intuitive, caring, non-judgmental way. With her guidance I was able to learn to get back into my body and learn to integrate my emotions. She helped me take my own power back!
M from Colorado

“Before I worked with Lauren,  I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I was always in a hurry, running from here to there, from the time I woke, to the time I went to bed. Now, I have a deeper connection with my body and I now make decisions from a place of deep down knowing (in my core), rather than a place of questioning and insecurity. I went from feeling asexual and androgynous (I had quit caring for me in simple ways) to super feminine. I learned what it truly means to slow down in my life and and with my family by staying in my body and that this way of being is more authentic and I am better received by others.The spark is back in my marriage, I feel super grounded and calm, I know how to magnify my presence when needed, and I have a new connection to my body, that at the age of 39, I have never had before.”


Phychotherpist and Mindful Mothering Coach

“I’m finally beginning to believe that I’m ok. The voice of self acceptance is becoming stronger than all the other voices.”

S from California

“Working with Lauren opened up my womb for the first time in my life. I had no idea what was really there. I perceived it to be ugly, weak, vulnerable and a burden. I now see it as warmth, life, strength, and wisdom. My words aren’t conveying the power of my experience with her, but she helped begin the process of learning to really love, honor, respect and KNOW myself…which taught me how to treat others in a new way.”

J from Austin texas

Reflections from the past week…  since the meditation and reconnection, I have felt my attention and awareness in my abdomen and womb space.  It is quite unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times and yet it has brought up much needed healing, anger, and growth.  Expansion is happening for certain.  I am recognizing the power that I have when activating my divine feminine and it is sweet indeed.My relationship has changed with my son and my boyfriend.  I am not so stressed out….. well, I am recognizing more when I get anxious and am able to handle it more effectively in the moment.  IN THE MOMENT!!!!, instead of holding onto it all day and dragging it around, making each next moment more challenging and difficult to endure AND projecting it onto others. I have seen both of these men in my life relax more into themselves and love me more because I am more relaxed and less control-oriented.
Now, I have been shifting this pattern by consciously choosing to activate my womb space and ground myself in my own essence, creating my own safe, sacred space in which to dwell in, to create from, and to handle what comes up around me. There have been some hard things come up and I am sure they will continue to surface while I practice activating myself.  I have been angry, mainly with myself, for allowing myself to be so indignant and resentful of others.  I used to pride myself on my endurance qualities and now I am realizing that these qualities are stress-induced.  I would create a situation or environment that would cause anxiety in order to activate my fight/flight (endurance/testosterone/mind oriented) mode just so that I could get things done.
I am less afraid.  I feel more equipped to handle my own mind, to handle my anxiety, to handle my trauma, to handle being a parent, to handle loving everyone and everything, and being of service to others.
I am ready for the next few months of releasing the old ways and activating the new.  I am grateful for your work with women and am inspired to do my part in the unfolding and awakening of humanity, especially with women.  A newfound hope has sparked within the illumination of the golden light of my womb-space and I am in Bliss.
You are amazing.  You are inspiring. You are brave and bold, daring …and what all women wish to aspire as.
A from Austin Texas

By helping me relax into my highest truth, embodying the feminine, it frees up energy so I can embody the highest energy for my truth/mission/company. It’s a win-win-win.

I really struggle with “embodying” the feminine. I certainly look feminine and at best have used sex to “get” someone. But that’s not the case anymore and I am called to be with a strong masculine man. My highest truth is the divine feminine, but I’ve felt very “lost” in knowing what that is. I have a healing business as well, L-Yoga Flow, so I “get” a lot of all of the healing/new age/conscious path…but it’s funny how if something is your “issue” it’s still your issue. So at the age of 34, after working with you, I feel like I’m happily learning how to be a woman, a true woman, the highest expressive of the feminine. And well, that’s your work!

N from Ohio

Yoga Teacher and Studio Owner, L-Yoga Flow