When I stopped thinking about my legacy and started appreciating each little moment.

When I stopped thinking about what I want to be known for in my work and started asking myself how I WANT TO KNOW MYSELF

When I stopped thinking I needed to be a spiritual guru, teacher, channel, business chick, cool entrepreneur…

When I realized that it’s about the experience of life that I’d LOVE to have this time around.

When I realized that running women’s circles and talking about the feminine isn’t the ultimate goal of my life.

When I grieved and grieved the loss of something so existential from my childhood and the choices I have made, the way I’ve circled around my own joy. Avoiding it.

When I stopped feeling responsible for healing the burdens of my lineage.

When I started to put my time and energy into something that brings me joy. When I started to make movement my priority. Training my body a priority. Caring for my body so I can get in my 10,000 hours.

When I heard the universe asking me “WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? you get to decide. That is what this year is about for you.”

Inside I hear myself screaming. I’m a dancer. I’m a fucking dancer. I choose that.