“Before I worked with Lauren,  I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I was always in a hurry, running from here to there, from the time I woke, to the time I went to bed. Now, I have a deeper connection with my body and I now make decisions from a place of deep down knowing (in my core), rather than a place of questioning and insecurity. I went from feeling asexual and androgynous (I had quit caring for me in simple ways) to super feminine. I learned what it truly means to slow down in my life and and with my family by staying in my body and that this way of being is more authentic and I am better received by others.The spark is back in my marriage, I feel super grounded and calm, I know how to magnify my presence when needed, and I have a new connection to my body, that at the age of 39, I have never had before.”


Mindful Mothering Coach and Psychotherapist

Lauren is an amazing instructor and powerful woman. I’m so grateful to be in the group and I’ve grown so much in my body awareness, confidence, trusting my intuition and feminine energy. I can see many more woman benefiting from this practice.

K, Austin Texas

Speaker and Joy Expert, Unleashing the Joy


I have to just share that I have been taking Lauren’s Art of Feminine Presence Series…just finished my second one and planning to take her 12 week course. Although I thought I was quite well read and familiar with this topic…I was quite awakened by this series to areas in my life that needed attention in order to fully embody myself as the feminine Goddess that I am.  The practices are simple, yet truly powerful and transformational.  Each week I had a new ah ha moment that launched me personally and in my business.

 For example, in one class we covered the issue of “not wanting to be seen” and how we as women sometimes – at least for me – subconsciously do not want to be seen, judged, criticized…so we make ourselves ‘invisible”energetically!  Well, that made a profound shift in my personal and biz life…as I realized that the reason I was struggling in biz was because I did not want to be seen!  And the reason no one was asking me out was because I did not want to be seen!  After allowing this simple yet powerful realization to really open me…I began to see increases in my financial flow…more people began hearing about my biz and men started asking me out!!!  I finally was allowing myself to be seen!  The feminine NEEDS and WANTS to be seen!  I was in some way denying that part of my feminine based on past patterns and experiences.  Not any more!
I have steadily improved my personal and business life by truly starting to embrace my full feminine goddess energy.  I am a work in progress, but I am seeing/feeling results and I KNOW 2012 is going to be an OUTSTANDING year for this damn sexy successful feminine Goddess! – Linda Galvan, Spiritual Intuitive


Reflections from the past week…  since the meditation and reconnection, I have felt my attention and awareness in my abdomen and womb space.  It is quite unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times and yet it has brought up much needed healing, anger, and growth.  Expansion is happening for certain.  I am recognizing the power that I have when activating my divine feminine and it is sweet indeed.
My relationship has changed with my son and my boyfriend.  I am not so stressed out….. well, I am recognizing more when I get anxious and am able to handle it more effectively in the moment.  IN THE MOMENT!!!!, instead of holding onto it all day and dragging it around, making each next moment more challenging and difficult to endure AND projecting it onto others. I have seen both of these men in my life relax more into themselves and love me more because I am more relaxed and less control-oriented.
Now, I have been shifting this pattern by consciously choosing to activate my womb space and ground myself in my own essence, creating my own safe, sacred space in which to dwell in, to create from, and to handle what comes up around me. There have been some hard things come up and I am sure they will continue to surface while I practice activating myself.  I have been angry, mainly with myself, for allowing myself to be so indignant and resentful of others.  I used to pride myself on my endurance qualities and now I am realizing that these qualities are stress-induced.  I would create a situation or environment that would cause anxiety in order to activate my fight/flight (endurance/testosterone/mind oriented) mode just so that I could get things done.
I am less afraid.  I feel more equipped to handle my own mind, to handle my anxiety, to handle my trauma, to handle being a parent, to handle loving everyone and everything, and being of service to others.  I am ready for the next few months of releasing the old ways and activating the new.  I am grateful for your work with women and am inspired to do my part in the unfolding and awakening of humanity, especially with women.  A newfound hope has sparked within the illumination of the golden light of my womb-space and I am in Bliss.
You are amazing.  You are inspiring. You are brave and bold, daring …and what all women wish to aspire as. Thank you for being you and bringing your essence to all that you do and everyone you connect with.  The work you do is important and much needed at this time- every little moment makes great ripples.  🙂
In love and light,
A from Austin Texas
Amber Meissner

“It’s not a performance, it’s about how good you can feel in your body. These words, spoken and exampled by the beautiful Lauren Sheehan, were the beginning of transforming me from being awkwardly self-concious to unleashing my free-flowing feminine force.  Lauren created a space where I could open up and set my inner animal free as she taught us to dance and guided us to move in a way that got us in touch with our true essence as a woman.  We laughed, we cried, we moved, we shared, we bonded.  Together as a group and with Lauren as our leader, we magnified the absolute power of the feminine. Thank you Lauren!” 
S, Austin Texas

“By helping me relax into my highest truth, embodying the feminine, it frees up energy so I can embody the highest energy for my truth/mission/company. It’s a win-win-win.

I really struggle with “embodying” the feminine. I certainly look feminine and at best have used sex to “get” someone. But that’s not the case anymore and I am called to be with a strong masculine man. My highest truth is the divine feminine, but I’ve felt very “lost” in knowing what that is. I have a healing business as well, L-Yoga Flow, so I “get” a lot of all of the healing/new age/conscious path…but it’s funny how if something is your “issue” it’s still your issue. So at the age of 34, after working with you, I feel like I’m happily learning how to be a woman, a true woman, the highest expressive of the feminine. And well, that’s your work! ”


Owner/ Yoga Teacher

I just finished Sensual Freedom dance with Lauren and I have to admit, it was a very powerful and expansive experience.  I really got to see myself and my limitations to what I desired in the world and to be able to move through that in the vehicle of sacred dance opened my heart and my womb to another level of permission, power and positioning.  I feel, more than anything, that this dance is instrumental in my launching the Metaphysical Erotica and the books out into the world. 

 Trust me, this play is unlike any that I’ve ever experienced and to be held in such a vessel of allowing, validating and witnessing is truly transformative.


Anne Pizzaro


Before I met Lauren, I would say that I was in a rut personally and professionally. After one 5 week session with her, I felt like a completely different person, more present, less stressed, and happily joyful. I ended up quitting my dead end job, received countless compliments about my changed energy, and feel like an overall better person.

I truly believe her work and her feminine presence classes are life changers for all women.

Lauren has the capability to change the world and she gave me the tools to believe that I can have whatever it is in the world that I desire.

L, Austin Texas

Lauren is the real deal, a magician who will unearth and expand your most sumptuous and feminine self.

M, Austin Texas

USANA Gold Director and Speaker

Radiant, Softer Skin.

Better Sex. More Enjoyment. More Love.

Deep Gratitude for all that I receive in life.

My Boyfriend can’t stop looking at me.

I think I’m taller, Sexier, and more confident.

Marisa Smith

It Never occured to me that there was power and divinity in pleasure until I worked with Lauren. It completely changed my life. It’s like magic! I’m finally using my magic

M, Austin Texas