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The Feminine Rhythm Podcast

A podcast for Creative Women who want to make a Positive Impact through their life and art, Pioneering the Way for the Next Generation


About the Feminine Rhythm Podcast

The Feminine Rhythm Podcast is a place to discuss and outline and praise and share about the creative process that was designed by our female bodies. We will explore topics and teachings and people who are dedicated to the health vitality and beauty of honoring the female form and the journey of becoming a woman. 

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Lauren Sheehan

Lauren Sheehan

Lauren Sheehan is the founder and director of The Feminine Rhythm. She ia a mother, wife, teacher, speaker, author, and artist. She has taught classes and created online learning content on the Art of Feminine Presence, The Female Body Ecology, The Menstrual Cycle, and the Creative Rhythm of the Female Spiritual Path. She is currently a Stay at home Mom and homeschooling her Son, learning to garden, knitting shawls, drawing art, writing a novel and evolving the Living your Creative Rhythm Online Course. Her “secret” is to be like a hummingbird…. 

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The Feminine Rhythm Podcast

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The Podcast for Creative Women who Want to learn to align their creative process with the God Given Creative Cycles that live in their beautiful Female Forms.