The Feminine Rhythm Podcast- Episode 1

Business in the Feminine

Total time: 1hr 16 min

We are entering a very malleable and shifting world right now, and the world of business, especially online business in the realm of personal development, spirituality, and the “guru” is dying to it’s old ways.

So how do we navigate this shift?

How do we protect and align our energy as women towards what is rite for us and on our paths?

What is the way to do business and work in our feminine essence?

Listen in to this months Podcast and Practice, to be a part of this conversation on business in the “feminine”.

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Music- Turning on a Dime by Bridget Law

Show Notes

1- Show Welcome and Course Details

2- Tune in and WombSpace Embodiment Practice

3- “Work in the Female Form” Poem

4- The difference between distorted masculinity and

5- How and why you won’t be able to work in the same structure and time frame that the corporate global nation promotes and conditions us

6- Learning from slowness, your body and nature instead of from people or the current business structures

7- “The Difference is” Poem

8- How your menstrual cycle can be a guide for crafting a rhythm and a foundation for ANY business or family unit.

9- A bit of Lauren’s Background as a solo entrepreneur learning from all the biggest names you know of in the online personal development industry

10- Whats inside the backend of sales and the psychology of marketing and online business

11- You used to have GO somewhere to access the “guru”, not just sit in your own home and watch online videos

12- The way to be in alignment with what you are selling, especially if you are in the industry of helping women to heal and recover their soul parts and their integrity.

13- Why Marketing efforts need to be honor women’s bodies rather than insert pressure and fake urgency into their bodies

14- Why the containers that the offerings come in matter

15- Closing Remarks