This is the Feminine Rhythm.

She is a Sanctuary for women who wish to celebrate and honor their bodies, their innate cycles, and the power and mystery of the female body.

Your Womb is for more than just birthing humans. There is a whole ecosystem inside your pelvis to tend to.

Your body is your greatest spiritual teacher. Let her be your guide.

Offerings and Courses


Are you trying to conceive a child?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace of your life and family?

Did you just decide to get off birth control or are you in process of deciding?

Are you grieving a loss, a break up, or a great transition?

Ready to make space for a new partner, career, or aspect of your soul?

Do you want to bring more depth and connection to your current sexual partnership?

Do you want to have a strong, reliable, and sustainable guide for your creativity?

All of these are great reasons to study the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and your cycles as a woman.

The Cycle of your body is sacred. It is your creative rhythm and it contains gifts that you can use in practical ways to be the heart of your life, family, career, and home.

Come learn how to flow with it instead of against it.

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Grounded and Safe in my Body: Basics

A Mini Course with 4 simple and effective lessons and meditations.

Some Reasons you may take this course:

* You are a highly sensitive person and want to feel more at ease and in control in your environment.

* Ready and wanting to clear away the overlay of old relationships, sexual partners, jobs, towns, patterns etc so that you can feel yourself, your clarity, and your desires moving forward, free of other’s input and energy distracting you.

* Beginning a process of making fertile ground to conveive a child

* Ready to make space for a new partner

* Feeling generally stuck and stagnant and not clear about your life or direction

* Wanting a deep dive into the sacred feminine

The Cycle Tracking Mala

A beautiful way to track and honor your menstrual cycle.

One on One Meditation Training, Healing and Mentoring

Support and Healing through every stage of Womanhood

I work with Teens through Elders

I teach movement, meditation, and spiritual practices

Custom Designed Malas and Prayer Beads

For Healing Talismans, Ceremonials, and Rites of Passage

The Feminine Rhythm exists to educate women about the power, beauty, and natural rhythms of their bodies, feminine energy system, and spirit. Our intention is to guide women through the journey of remembering how to honor and celebrate their bodies, energy, and femininity through empowering you to create sustainable daily life practices that support the nourishment and blossoming of your unique expression of feminine power and wisdom.

Bring the art of slow, nourishment, and ritual back into your life.

Reconnect with the natural cycles life: your menstrual cycle, feminine energy system, and nature.

Deepen your self connection, awareness, and vibrancy

Live and Create life from your center.

FREE ways to Learn
Learn the Female-Centric Way To Meditate
 Listen to my 5 Day audio course on Cultivating Feminine Presence 

We train and educate:

Women who want to find fulfilling and nourishing partnerships to do the necessary clearing work to receive this beautiful gift.

Women who are already in committed partnerships in the arts of erotic partnership and intimacy.

Teen girls who want to learn from the beginning how to honor their bodies, cycles, and personal boundaries so they can move into adulthood with the wisdom and birthright many women never got.

We offer private healing and embodiment training, group classes, retreats and sacred care products.

Lauren is the real deal, a magician who will unearth and expand your most sumptuous and feminine self.

Maddy Vertenten

Speaker and USANA gold Director, Vibrant One

My Most Recent Posts

What you DON’T need when you are stuck (dancing involved)

There is an epidemic happening: It’s called Information Overload.  What I hear often from women I work with is “I feel like I have so much information, TOO much information, so much so that I don’t even know what to do with it all”. They say to me “I just feel frustrated, I can see all my patterns, what I need to change or do, but I just can’t do it, and I am stuck.” At this point, most of us (including me) get caught in a cycle of seeking outside for answers. The next book, the next teacher, the next workshop, the next thing that will help you move forward. But here’s the thing: Most often at this place in your cycle, what’s happening is not that you need more information, it’s that you are too full and havn’t digested anything. You are avoiding feeling something, avoiding your body, avoiding being present. And nothing, NOTHING, else will help you move forward until you understand how to come back home, get connected, and realize that the clarity you really want comes after you’ve returned to yourself, not after you buy that next course. This video is about how to gain your own insight by going within BEFORE you go outside to take action. Because nothing you do outside is ever gonna feel good if you don’t feel connected to yourself. It’s also a video that was created on two levels. This weekend I happened to record myself freestyle dancing in my new house and when I started to edit this particular words of wisdom, I though to myself, I...

What to do when you don’t know what to say…

On Monday I walked into a networking event, and a woman met my eyes and said hello, and I just started balling my eyes out. I was feeling tons of pressure and emotions.  I was having one of those “why are we here, is this what life is about, what is the point of all this” moments.   I immediately questioned myself about why the F I was even at the meeting if I was feeling so inadequate at the time. Having just moved, just finished my Feminine Presence class , not having any clear offerings at the moment and exploring working with several different groups of people (Personal Branding, Message Clarity and emotional resilience/confidence building with women, mentoring teen girls, and helping men understand how their energy can support powerful women) ,  I just didn’t feel  like I could do that damned 30 second commercial about who I am, what I do and who I help.   So when it was my turn, I stood up, put my hand on my lower belly, took a breath, turned my heart light on and just started speaking loud and clear. “The most powerful part of you is the most vulnerable…” and from there some other words came out of my mouth, I don’t remember what they were.   I had no idea what I would say, but what I did know was this: What I lacked in clarity of words, I made up for in my own trusting that whatever I said would guide me.   I’ve been jamming lately with clients about personal branding and doing work on my...

Throw Away your Feminine Archetypes….and Be Yourself.

What would you say if I asked you to throw out all your archetypes, goddesses, and inspirational females you try to model yourself after? I started my first Art of Feminine Presence class in boulder this week and the theme of the series is DEFINE YOUR OWN FEMININE ARCHETYPE. I encouraged my ladies to throw away goddesses, inspirational leaders, and other feminine inspirations OUT THERE for the duration of our series to give themselves the space to feel and receive their own core essence. Kinda radical I suppose, but you know me. Do archetypes help us embody aspects of ourselves, yes. They can. AND they can also leave those aspects right were we found them, in the archetypes never to be integrated. Here’s my experience, not theory.  At first, the archetypes and inspirations are a muse, an inspiration. They are the INITIATION, the way shower. But when you want to bring it into YOUR BODY, YOUR VOICE,  YOUR MOVEMENT, when you’re looking to females OUT THERE for this, the best you’re gonna get is still feeling like there is something missing inside of you, because what you want is perpetually OUT THERE. Until you go within and discover the visceral , tangible, sense and feeling of your own essence, and then begin the process of bringing the inside out so you can have your own impact and presence reflected back to you, you will always feel like you don’t know your own value. This last year has been pivotal for me because I used it to digest what I had learned, and it was not always easy or painless....

The Decent: My Sensual Meditation Practice

I am standing. It is 7am. I ground my feet, imagine roots from my feet into the floor. I stick my toungue out my mouth and breath out swiftly like a dog in heat and feel my pelvic floor relex. I relax my heart, soften my heart and shoulders, my legs are like tree trunks. I begin to imagine a glowing light in the center of my pelvis, 2 or 3 inches below my belly button, physically inside my pelvis. I breath this light; expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction. I imagine a warm dollop of honey at the base of my pelvis. Begin. Deep and moving music begins to play. I start to rock my hips forward and backward ever so slowly. My attention flows from my head, swirling and buzzing, down into the rocking of my hips. I feel the resistance as my forehead clenches and my eyes squint, it’s as if my third eye has it’s own eyelid and it wants to stay shut. I continue rocking my pelvis forward and backward, slowly, fluidly, pleasurably, as though I’m standing in a jar of honey. I soften my heart, I soften my jaw. The tension from the evenings sleep and the pain in jaw begin to melt away. I feel my energy in my throat and heart, my pelvis beckons my attention down down down. 2 Minutes: A thought pops into my mind and I’m back in the buzzing between my eyes. Ok Womb, I’m coming back down, I hear you. I think. God I’m terrible at getting out of my head, damn this gemini mind…. inner...

Supporting a Culture of Evolving Men: The Emerging Feminine Responsibility

We want to support a culture of evolving men who don’t only see problems and try to fix them. We want to support a culture of evolving men who can see what IS right now, see the perfection in all the working parts good and “bad”, not throw a tantrum about it, and see their way through the issues of the world to the other side, to the solution, to the solution for the greater good of humanity. We support men who are on purpose and who will stay on purpose, prioritize their purpose even over our own agendas, and willingly give their gifts to the world. We take care in the men around us and use our intuition and gifts to help them become the best versions of themselves. We give what we can to help them grow and learn to be better stewards of our families, communities, and the planet. We face the wounds we have with our fathers and understand how we have emasculated ourselves as well as the men around us. We face our anger and rage and we learn to move into conflict and tension with courage, so that we may come out in forgiveness and be transformed. We have to get to a place where we can be responsible for our choices and our emotions so that we can stop presenting men with the problems of our own doing, asking them to hold space for us where we are unwilling to hold space for them, and asking them to stay small so that we can feel safe and powerful. We can and will...

Two keys of Feminine Presence: The Womb-Heart Connection

After a year off of teaching the Art of Feminine Presence, I’ve been feeling the call to teach again very very strongly. I spent 4.5 years teaching this work and through it all I cultivated a very strong practice in connecting to my feminine energy, my sexuality, and my pelvic bowl. Over the weekend a friend of mine had a ‘come to jesus’ talk with me about my own wisdom and as he guided me through my body, I had a revelation about my womb center, trusting myself, and my heart. I realized that I had been ignoring my womb in favor of my heart and it was causing my heart to go into a sort of ‘cardiac arrest’; my heart felt alone and exhausted.  What I realized is that the womb and heart have a symbiotic relationship and I’ve been trying for so long to figure out how to connect the two, but have simply been over-functioning in one or the other. And this weekend something clicked: The womb is the root and the heart is the flower, and when the womb is “turned on” the heart can blossom freely without feeling exhausted. And this has more implications than I’m going to speak about in this ONE post, but know that when your womb and heart are out of whack and not speaking to each other, it effects everything in your life; the choices you make, the people you attract, and the things that come to you. Now as I say this, I must tell you that I have heard this before. Rachael Jayne who created The Art...

What Happens When a Man Shows you Where He Stands

I’ll never forget the feeling, sitting next to him on the sidewalk, feeling his presence. He wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t happy. He wasn’t warm. Yet he wasn’t closed to me either. He was clear. He was standing his ground. He was driving his stake further into the earth. My body was reeling. All kinds of knots inside me were becoming present. Not the knots of danger or warning, but the knots of old held onto emotions, things to be let go of. The sort of knots that were putting me face to face with my self, with what I needed to look at and be responsible for. The places I had been placing blame I felt myself wanting to grab his attention, fix myself, fix him, do something to make the uncomfortable feeling in my body go away. I felt like I had disappointed him and myself. For a woman, there is a distinct flavor of feeling when a man that we love feels disappointed in us. It’s not the most fun feeling. It brings up all our deepest fears and emotions about abandonment and feeling unworthy. But what happened as I just sat, staying fiercly with myself and my own internal emotions instead of running from them, was quite amazing. I looked over at him and I felt so pulled in, I felt a polarity I hadn’t felt in a while. It was so strong. His face became even more attractive, his walk was more potent, he became that much more fuck-able. His center of gravity got deeper. This was the presence of a man who wasn’t willing...

Disconnecting your Self Worth from your Achievements

Do you ever ask yourself why you can feel so capable, confident, and amazing one moment, and other feel completely worthless and stuck? Maybe you wonder why it is so hard for you to fit in to society, a job, or to get paid for your gifts? The one thing I see in the 20 something generation is that we are inspired creative and aware people and we want to contribute to the world in the best way we can, but it seems like a lot of what we try and our dreams always bite us in the ass. The thick and heavy layers of not enough and I’m not worthy can drag us down down down. So what to do? This video is a candid share about my own experience with my sense of self worth and my journey to disconnect my worth from my doings and my achievements. It’s a call to action to discover for yourself the feeling of your own worth inside your heart, to discover the tension that is actually a gift for you to follow, and to understand more about why you might be feeling crazy for not being where you think you should be. We have to close the gap between where we are right now and still be able to hold our visions for the future, this is a lesson that has been difficult to learn. Wanna go Deeper with me Online?   You can purchase one or both of my online courses. Click this link for details. “Before I worked with Lauren, I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I...

The Gift of Being Twenty Something…

Your twenties are about tempering your gifts and your spirit. You are a wild horse that is learning to be more precise and more efficient. You are a chaotic mess that is learning to find it’s center in the midst of it all. You are learning what you are made of and learning to amplify your own presence to impact your life and the world. This is not an easy or comfortable process. Never let anyone say otherwise. You don’t want easy. You want growth. You want surprise. You want to fully experience what life has to offer. No. This is not easy. It’s challenging. It’s hard sometimes. You’re climbing a mountain and this requires endurance. You need spiritual and emotional endurance. You’ll need will along with strength. There will be emotional outbursts. There will be tantrums. There will be crazy. There will be mistakes and messes. There will be unexplainable and uncontrollable rage. There will be lots of tears. There will be grief and letting go. There will be bubbles that burst. Reality checks will hit you like a ton a bricks. There will be dark places and scary things. But your job is to remember the light. Remember that in the blackness of the night sky there are always stars. You are made of them. And you have a choice to remember the light, to focus on the light. You have a choice. And you must make it every second of every day.  This is what responsibility is. The choice to see the light. The choice to choose happiness even in the darkest of places. This is...

Judgements aren’t always bad….Here’s Why.

I’m little erked. I’m getting tired of people giving judgements a bad rep. I understand the thought process of not judgeing others and that what we judge in others is also in us. I understand wanting to have harmony and unity on the planet. but we can’t pretend that we don’t make judgements all the time. Everytime we SEE something and say something, it’s a judgement. positive or negative. I have found that in self help land, I turned away from my judgements and in doing so turned away from myself. Because I was judging myself for making judgements. Judgements help me navigate this world. They help me learn to trust my gut, my intuition, which is nothing more than a judgement I make about a feeling I have given the information I have around me. And the more I trust my gut and go with it, the faster I can feel what’s up for me and let it go and move forward. I have learned to not be attached to my judgements, to be open to them changing and shattering, for them to not be *right*, but what I can say is that the second I let myself make clear judgements again, my life got so much more clear and fun. I was able to express myself much better, see more clearly, and be open to so much more. And I was able to let my judgements of myself go and my judgements elsewhere be fluid and malleable. It helped me engage this world in a tangible way. Without making judgements or having opinions about things, I found...

It’s OK to not know what you want

This is the single biggest question that has pulled me off my center that I’ve ever come across. What do you WANT? What do you DESIRE. Answering this question is like a house of cards. On the one hand we are told that we have to know what we want exactly in order for it to come into manifest reality. On the other, what happens if what you ask for isn’t really what you want and when you get there you’re not any happier? So we get stuck in this place asking for things constantly, exhausting ourselves trying to be the creator of our realities and not actually enjoying the simple moments of our everyday lives. Up until about a year ago, I was on this goose chase always asking for more, always clarifying my desires, and always ending up being a failure if I didn’t have it happen, or feeling strangely unfulfilled if it did happen because once it did it was on to the next thing already. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I felt afraid to not know because well, then what would happen to my life? How could I be sure that I would have the life I wanted? Every other powerful woman I know knows what they clearly. If I can’t know this, why would anyone even want to be around me? How will I make money and feel safe? How will I be of value to anyone? The truth was I couldn’t know what would happen in my life. I had no way of knowing what would show up if I...

Presence is a Movement: A Peak into the Stillness of the Heart

For a moment, just a moment all the parts of you, all the selves collapse into one being. And you relax. Your heart is what it is, expanded or contracted. And it’s in those moments when I feel terrified or exhilarated, because it’s in those moments when I am really living my life. Immersed. It’s this practice. The surrender to this collapsing, this merging of selves (like merging all the layers in a photoshop document), that we learn to come back to over and over that brings us home. Bring us into our singular presence. Thoughts might not go away, but they melt through me like a ticker tape. My attention moves from my head to my heart to my womb to my whole center spiraling. Presence is a movement. A cyclical spiraling motion always beating and moving. Turning over and over like a turbine, constant flow. Receiving and giving, receiving and giving. And it’s the ability to be still with ALL of that aliveness inside of me, to hold all of that, but still let it move, still surrender, that helps me feel myself. Reference myself. Commune with the life around me. Feel into what is being asked of me. Command my intention. Being still with all of that is the most difficult thing of...

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