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This is the Feminine Rhythm.

She is a Sanctuary for women who wish to celebrate and honor their bodies, their innate cycles, and the power and mystery of the female body.

Your Womb is for more than just birthing humans. There is a whole ecosystem inside your pelvis to tend to.

Your body is your greatest spiritual teacher. Let her be your guide.

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Join us in the Feminine Rhythm Learning Circle + Podcast Groupon Fb to receive updates about each podcast, courses, and  live video lessons from Lauren

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Are you trying to conceive a child?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace of your life and family?

Did you just decide to get off birth control or are you in process of deciding?

Are you grieving a loss, a break up, or a great transition?

Ready to make space for a new partner, career, or aspect of your soul?

Do you want to bring more depth and connection to your current sexual partnership?

Do you want to have a strong, reliable, and sustainable guide for your creativity?

All of these are great reasons to study the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and your cycles as a woman.

The Cycle of your body is sacred. It is your creative rhythm and it contains gifts that you can use in practical ways to be the heart of your life, family, career, and home.

Come learn how to flow with it instead of against it.

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The Feminine Rhythm exists to educate women about the power, beauty, and natural rhythms of their bodies, feminine energy system, and spirit. Our intention is to guide women through the journey of remembering how to honor and celebrate their bodies, energy, and femininity through empowering you to create sustainable daily life practices that support the nourishment and blossoming of your unique expression of feminine power and wisdom.

Bring the art of slow, nourishment, and ritual back into your life.

Reconnect with the natural cycles life: your menstrual cycle, feminine energy system, and nature.

Deepen your self connection, awareness, and vibrancy

Live and Create life from your center.

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We train and educate:

Women who want to find fulfilling and nourishing partnerships to do the necessary clearing work to receive this beautiful gift.

Women who are already in committed partnerships in the arts of erotic partnership and intimacy.

Teen girls who want to learn from the beginning how to honor their bodies, cycles, and personal boundaries so they can move into adulthood with the wisdom and birthright many women never got.

We offer private healing and embodiment training, group classes, retreats and sacred care products.

Lauren is the real deal, a magician who will unearth and expand your most sumptuous and feminine self.

Maddy Vertenten

Speaker and USANA gold Director, Vibrant One

My Most Recent Posts

WINTER: The season of stillness, deep roots, and growing our spiritual backbone

Element: WATER Organs: Kidney (yin), Bladder (yang) Emotion: Fear Virtues: Courage, Will, Flexibility, Fluidity Body Elements: Bones, Joints, Blood, Energetic Signature: Like roots and seeds planted deep in the dark soil, we hibernate, we gestate, we allow the magic in the underground to potentiate our seeds. We learn the lessons of water and fluidity, we work with our fears to embody more of our own self, we take up space in our bodies in places we have not been before. **Allow your yin reserves, your vital energy, and your deep root structure to be re-established within you**** Today is the Winter Solstice.  As we enter the season of winter, stillness, water, darkness…. we can learn the gifts of the energy of this time and surrender into the season with a willingness and desire to learn from winter rather than fight against it. This time of year governs the water element in the body, the most yin element and the organs, the kidneys and the bladder, the kidneys being the organ that is the root of our essence. bones and joints are effected as they are nourished by the water element. The kidneys health rules the health of our bones and structures. The kidneys contain the “root energy for all the other organs” and this sparks the energy in your body. In many ways, this season is about cultivating a deep internal structure that will support us in the creative life of the next yearly cycle. If we look at the development of a human embryo, we see that the nervous system and the spinal tube are of the first...

Feeling anxious? Check your pelvic floor tension

Pelvic floor tip: Are your pants too tight? Tight pants that don’t allow for relaxed belly breathing and the belly to just be, cause tension inside the pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are the root and floor of your body and when the muscles disengage and go into fight or flight (I.e. Chronic tension or myofascial numbness) you feel more anxious, nervous, insecure… This leads to increased heart rate, increased adrenal stress hormone release, and increased heart rate. This leads to collapsed low back and heart, making the posture limp and weak. This leads to feeling out of control, ungrounded, not confident, needing to “get” from everyone else, to dominate and compare. Scarcity. Fear. If you’d like to shift your energetic patterns and begin to live from a different energy, a different way of being that invites love, acceptance, joy, harmony, and community, ease… Start with the root. Plain old Kegals won’t do it. In order to create harmony and balance in your pelvic ecosystem, you need to understand how the whole ecosystem works together. And what it responds to… More self beating and hatred adds to the tension. Feeling anxious? Check your pelvic floor tension. Now breath. And breath some more. And feel your root. Hear her voice. And let it be ok. And if you’re in Colorado, join us in October for a one day workshop; Feminine Rhythm Foundations, An Introduction into the Arts of Feminine Presence, Power, and Self...

It’s never Complete, is that true?

Yes. It’s never “complete”. And. There are many things that have a clear beginning and a clear ending. Your life for example. Has a clear beginning and end. The creation of your dinner has a clear beginning and end. Your menstrual bleeding has a clear beginning and a clear end. You’re life is filled with cycles of beginning and ending. It is simply that you are disconnected to the innate gratitude and honoring of those transitions and cycles that are actually very natural to you as a woman. When you begin to feel into the rhythm of your womb a whole world of divine timing wakes up inside of you and the process of learning how to ride the wave of the unknown with your own plans begins. And then you begin to just FEEL when something is about to begin, or about to end. And you can more easily trust and surrender into that, even when it’s challenging. Here are a few things you can do to heal the rush monster, speed disease, frenetic energy and confusion that might be running your world: 1) Smaller creative projects: When I started making Malas, I loved them for many reasons. What I see now is that making malas has a clear beginning and a clear end. And it’s physical, tangible, and visual. When I hold a completed mala in my hands a sense of completion comes over that feels so good. When I send off a mala to a client, I feel this sense of release in my womb and body, like I’m releasing the energy of a creation she...

Feminine Rhythm Toolbox: Re-Rhythm-ing, Fennel Bulb Pesto, and What is a Mala?

What a week! My personal theme has been Re-Rhythm-ing and  I have gifts for you that reflect this. 1) A peak into how to follow your own womb rhythm 2) A delicious recipe that will soothe your digestive system and excite your taste buds 3) I am Strong Mala + What is a Mala? 4) A look inside one of my journal pages on Re-Rhythm-ing. I’ve been posting more frequently and making videos inside our FB group as I’ve been inside my womb cave doing my practices, healing, resting, and gathering my energy. To join us there instructions are at the end of this blog. Womb Rhythms: The rhythm of your body, your womb, inside your pelvic space will speak to you in vibrations. She will tell you how she wants to live, how she wants to be. She will guide you into living and structuring your day based on her rhythms and cycles. What a beautiful terrifying thing to surrender to! Listen deeply sisters. Listen deeply. Its in the quiet conversations that you have with your self and your body and your surroundings that you hear whats really going on, and you can begin to slough off what is not truly you. It feels like shaking. Internal shaking. Let it shake. You get still. Breath. AHhhhhhhhhhh. Cry. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Laugh. Rage. Joy. And the world will spin around you until you feel your center. And YOU will not be inside the hampster wheel feeling taken from and obligated. Running. Running. Running. You will no longer be running. You will be blossoming in the dark quiet stillness of your own...

Rose Water Mint Lemonade- Cool your body and Nourish your senses

The last few weeks for me have been spent retreating during my moontime, and creating a practice of self care that I’ve honestly never had before. I’m using my interest in ayurveda, chinese 5 element theory, and my mogadao sacred daoist sexuality training as a backbone for what I’m crafting. Currently I have a 3-4ish hour morning practice that I LOVE and that includes lots of self massage, meditation, and cleansing. It feels amazing to be grounding in these habits and I’m learning SO much about how to be accepting of myself, present with my body, and lots of parts of my body are getting attention they never got like my gums ( I started massaging them this week in the morning after oil pulling) and my elbows, and the under part of my knees. My ear lobes and jaw are getting tons of attention and release and I’m sleeping more than ever, beginning to wake up earlier. THIS IS SO EXCITING AND I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF 🙂 In my quest to balance my energy I’ve been following a diet that will reduce the amount of heat ( fire or pitta, the ayurvedic term) in my body. Excess heat is common in the summer time and also for those of us with a tendency for an over active mind, self judgement and punishment. The general American Cultural go get it, have it all at once, do it all now, never enough, climb your way to the top performance based mindset really.  Excess heat can look like red, inflamed rash, acne, cold sores acute inflammation in body or joints...

Mala of the Month: July 2015 Generosity and Fierce Compassion

“Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.” –Hafiz– Generosity and Fierce Compassion : For the soul who needs reminding of her inherent worth. You are worthy just because you exist. Moonstone reminds you of the wisdom and mystery of the feminine. Rose Quartz reminds you to have fierce compassion for yourself It is soft, beautiful and loving. This mala contains elements of earth and sky, water and wood. It is calming and enlivening. Brightening and succulent. The Winged pendant and leather tassel is about strength, roots, and ground. A bold, yet beautiful statement. The bead pattern is in 7 ( for the month of July) and 15, a Capricornian number, and 22 a master number. Designed intentionally and intuitively using the cycles of nature, stars, and numerology. Materials: Rose Quartz,Moonstone, Honey Wood Guru Bead: Glass Faceted Heart with Angel Wing pendant Tassel: Tan Leather 26 inches long… the heart sits right on the womb!! ( not planned :))   On July 2015 Natural Rhythms and Transitions *Full Moon in Capricorn *Moving from Gemini to Cancer *Element: Fire Maybe you have, noticed, Venus and Jupiter have been lighting up the night sky with the moon. When I look at the design of the July Mala I can see both, the rose quartz (Venus), the moonstone (Jupiter). Astrologer, Chani Nicholas says generosity and connection are two main qualities of Venus and Jupiter. This is what the ending of June has brought us to. A new realization about what connection and...

I Wrote, For The Man I Couldn’t Let Go

When Miriam first came to see me, she had a lot to say and feel. But I knew very quickly we were meant to work together. Watching her grow in her 8 weeks with me was such a blessing. The one thing I saw in her from the moment I met her was her inner leader. It was after she took a big risk with a man that I knew it was time to nudge her to write about it and share her experience. What I didn’t know was how eloquent of a writer she is. I am honored to share it with you. It’s honest. It’s beautiful. And it’s real. I edited it a bit, but as a writer I know what it is to infuse emotional resonance into a story and to write in a such a way that exactly how it is written is how it is mean to be read for the story to be felt. Like how certain words are capitalized when grammatically they shouldn’t be. She’s making a point with her choices in sentence length, word style, and flow.  Miriam turns out to be a natural genius at this. If you read carefully you can see the clarity and awareness she has in her own instictual feelings and intiution, I wish I could say she learned it all from me, but that would be giving me too much credit. Let’s just say I allowed her space to bring it. I loved getting to witness this part of her. This is her experience. A snapshot of a real moment in time when she let...

How to Listen to your Intuition (by rocking your hips!!!)

On listening to the soul-voice: Your ideas and creations are gestated inside of the creative center in your body. And you KNOW what energy is needed to nourish your ideas even if you can’t articulate with words what you need or your idea fully is. This is part of the creative process. There is a period where you don’t know, you know it’s essence, but to put words to it too early would put it inside a box too early, stifle it’s potential. One morning in client session, we both remembered how much our pelvic space gives us information in regards to the seeds we are nourishing. “I’m not sure if this person is someone I should collaborate with or not. What if I’m not ready? What if I can’t handle it? ” Those are the sounds of the fearful mental body. The soul voice, your wombspace, your vagina, sound a lot different; they don’t speak in frantic fear. “I don’t know what I should do” Said my client So I guided her to close her eyes, put her hands on her vagina, and start rocking her hips. “Ask your wombspace” I said. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and shared with me ” It feels like this person just saw a pretty flower and got excited and wants to play with it, just wants to dance, but doesn’t get the full essence of my project. It feels like she just wants to play and just saw a great idea and wants to just ride along. That’s not what my project is about. It’s not aligned. Her...

How to Tend to your Natural Creative Energy as a Woman

I want to talk to you about natural cycles, rhythms, and the creative capacity of your feminine energy. It’s something many women have been far removed from or have a narrow understanding of. Our natural rhythms for rest, creation, exertion, clearing, celebration and more are in essence an art form in the tending to and a journey of discovering your own wild nature.   This week I’ve been using my jade egg a LOT, my mentor Denise Byron reminded me that it’s a powerful tool for clearing energy in my Pelvic bowl and I’ve been re-reading Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent, continuing my love affair with Women Who Run With the Wolves, beginning new explorations with new clients, and surrendering to the end of a particular love relationship, wondering what new growth is waiting for us. It’s been a big week 🙂   Through all of this, I’m really recognizing the importance of cycles and honoring our natural rhythm…   By now, I don’t think it’s arrogant of me to say that I know I’ve found my rhythm and my cycles and live in connected way with nature, my body, and the cosmos. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of deep inner work to surrender to that.   I wonder about you all…   How do you feel about cycles, your natural rhythms, your connection to your own energy and creative resource…   For example for me this month I have a lot of unknowns, lots of options for things I’d like to do, can do, but don’t have the funds for yet, am not...

Initiation: Re-Wilding in the Red Rock Canyon

“I’m here for initiation,” I said as the fire roared and 7 other women listen in the sacred space of the bright full moon, the stars, the red rock canyon and the truth. I spoke for several minutes and finally heard myself say, “I want my Sovereignty.” Those words trickled out of my mouth in a stutter because I was honestly afraid of what asking for that might mean in my life. But we were here for truth, and that was what came out of me. Among other words, I asked to learn to receive, that I was here to just receive. I didn’t know what that meant for me either. The best part about not knowing what I’m really asking for, is that I get to learn what I mean through the asking and then the life experience that comes to me. That’s how I like to live life, ask and receive. Experience and respond. Ingest, digest, integrate and learn.  What happened during my 4 days camping deep inside the belly of this Red Rock Canyon ( I’m fondly calling it the Vagina Temple, more than one cave in this canyon is literally like walking into a sacred yoni of the earth),  is a story worth telling and lessons worth sharing. I THOUGHT I was there to LEARN from the Canyon. But what I actually did was receive from the canyon. She didn’t “teach” me. She held me. She rocked me. She gave to me. She reminded me. She took me in and had her way.  I asked and she gave and I received. She infused my bones...

Your Worth isn’t even on the Table

Try this on for size. Your WORTH isn’t up for questioning. Your WORTH isn’t even on the table. It’s non negotiable. It’s not even a THING! The last month or so I’ve personally been grappling with this nasty energy of unworthiness, self doubt, and not enoughness. It’s been more present than usual, more up in the air and showing up in all of my client conversations. In fact part of my own marketing, part of my own message has been about self value and worth and that our feminine essence helps us know our own inherent value. There is a subtle flaw here I want to transform. And that is this: I no longer want to use my feminine energy or essence as a bargaining tool for my own value as a human. I no longer want to use anything as a bargaining tool for my inherent worthiness or existence. How many actions do you take, words you speak, thoughts you think, deals and agreements you make, relationships you stay in because they are somehow a bargaining chip for your own value? NO MORE I SAY. When I really got this, I started to see everywhere that I was still attaching my value out in the world as something that could be questioned and how that was creating a vicious cycle of self imprisonment. Everything in my world was a question of my own value and that was painful and heavy. When you make your value something that’s not questionable, you can start to get down to the real deal about what’s really going on, what you really want,...

The evolved man: A brief look into what he won’t do, will do, and needs from you

The evolved man: A brief look into what he won’t do, will do, and needs from you What he won’t do: Coddle you Agree with everything you do and say Make it safe and secure for you Make it comfortable for you Make it easy for you Let you hide behind him… for very long Entertain the ways you try to consciously or unconsciously manipulate him Play into unconscious power struggles At some point, you realize that he is SAFE because he is real and because of all that he won’t do. What he has been known to do: Stay up all night with you helping you unravel your shame, repressed anger and guilt Encourage you to get angry at him and tell him exactly how you feel Call you on your bullshit and your stories and let you work it out on your own Give you presence and attention that is like water to your rose buds Want you to blossom and succeed more than he wants that for himself Provide you with a wide open space of freedom to roam the world in ( which if you don’t want to be free inside somewhere is really hard to receive) Commit himself to helping you grow into your full potential Help you go very deep into your core wounds so that you can clear them out Keep sex very sacred and whole with you Be Generally more private and contained with his sexuality and choice of sexual partners (I said private not prude) At some point, you realize that he is much more than you ever gave him...

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