Women who love their periods, who love their womanhood, make different choices about everything… including world leaders:

I havn’t said much about politcs or my views about it. I have been in a space where I want to let people make their own decisions about it. But I do feel called to share this and I asked myself…

How can I relate this menstrual cycle, feminine, womb, stuff to the current political atmosphere in our lives?

What I know about a woman’s menstrual cycle is this: When a woman is empowered about her own cycle, understands each phase and knows how to work with them, including how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and what not to eat, how to spend her time, who to spend her time with, and what kinds of projects she takes on in her life, she is much happier and vibrant woman.

Her emotions are still there and she still goes through the ups and downs of the body’s rhythm, but she perceives and reacts to them in a much different way than a woman who believes her cycle to be a shameful, awful, distracting and unnecessary part of her life.

She usually has a lot more space in her life for relaxing and enjoying what she loves and who she loves. She is able to give her love without feeling resentful. She is in tune with her inner spirit and her body. Therefore she experiences pleasure and gratitude. She allows for grief, rage, and sadness. She can let go and she can hold on to what’s dear.

When a woman is in this place, she is not in fear of her self, her body, or the world. And therefore she chooses differently.

She chooses sexual partners who honor her. She chooses friends who honor her. She chooses work that works with HER rhythm and doesn’t try to fit into a box. She prioritizes her life in a totally different order, often giving priority to her space, her family, her

Because she is connected to her self and body, and her cyclical nature, she understand the cycles of our planet and the nature of nature itself. She is a part of nature, a part of a whole, a collective of humans. She is kind to herself and therefore can extend kindness to others.

The way she operates the hearth of her home is different. The way she creates a family is different. The way she mothers, the way she makes love, the way she makes bread… is different.

She has more space and understanding. She is less in fear and makes her home and choices from a place of love and what is best for all involved.

Tending to your own menstrual cycle requires the same strength of care as mothering an infant. It requires boundaries and knowing what is important. She knows how to prioritize her health and well being, her own inner harmony. When a woman feels harmonious she only wants more harmony and to create more harmony in her life.

What I know about the menstrual cycle and women is this:

A woman who is connected to her cycle makes different choices about who she wants to see in leadership.

She chooses world leaders differently. She chooses world leaders who also are in alignment with honoring her, other women, and other humans on the planet. She chooses leaders who will honor the beauty and worth of all humans and all beings on the planet. She chooses leaders who value honesty, integrity, kindness, and inclusion.

And she can feel who that is and who that is not. She feels it in an instant because her womb and her body tell her. And she listens and she trusts that.

A woman who is connected to her cycle chooses world leaders differently.