On Knowing: Our own knowing is still transient and fluid. We might *know* something for a moment, and then receive it and then space opens for a new knowing. A deeper more richer knowing, something similar or completely different to what we * knew* before.

I’m finding that once I own my knowing, I speak it, it flows through me and if I try to cling to that new knowing, I start to contract. Sometimes I’m afraid of my knowing because I’m not sure I’m ready for what receiving and speaking that knowing will shift in my world.

Knowing. Truth. Desire. It’s all a thread we follow and it’s all fluid and changing.

What is real will always remain. The heart is a compassionate trickster sometimes. It will use what you think you want to lead you to what you actually want. That is why you don’t have to focus so much or worry about not being clear about what you want.

Your being, your soul knows what you want better than your human brain. Clinging to the next piece of knowing or clarity or desire and the temporary high of excitement, the temporary relief of discomfort, is just like dangling a carrot in front of a horse. The carrot dangler is leading the horse somewhere but the horse is transfixed on the excitement of getting the carrot. Trust that you are always being led.

Trust that your soul knows more than you even want to know right now. Let go of being the creator of the whole universe or your whole life, that is truly exhausting. If you’re the one creating everything your life is going to be seriously limited and eventually lead you into more and more controlling of everything around you.

The next time you get bent out of shape because you feel unclear about life or what you want, just say fuck it. You don’t need to know. All that BS about knowing what you want so you can move forward is just another way we get manipulated.

Just live your life and follow your heart. Let go of right and wrong. Those don’t exist. The more you trust that you can handle whatever situation comes to you, the more you can surrender into the immersion of your life. Again I say, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW.

Its in the feeling comfortable not knowing that we can move forward with fluidity and grace.It’s in our ability to move into what life brings to us without shutting it out that we create more depth and courage in our hearts. You don’t need to know it all.

You don’t need to be clear about what you want. You don’t need a man list that is 7 pages long to have a man show up for you. You don’t need to know what your purpose is to be living it. You don’t need to have a 6 figure business to be and feel successful.

The less you define yourself by things outside of you the more potent you become. The less you claim to know, the more access you have to the truth. The less you cling to your desires, the more room you leave to be surprised by the universe at the things you didn’t even know you wanted.

You don’t need to know. And you can just tell that little voice inside that needs to know it all to feel safe and ok, that Lauren said so. 🙂