March 2016 New Moon: March 9th

Catch the New Moon Energy with me March 8-10


The New Moon is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new. Each month, we have the opportunity to work with the energy of the moon to drop deeply into our center, clear out the static, and receive insight and guidance that will help us move into the next cycle with clarity and feminine focus.

Rather than setting goals or creating linear constructs, we will spend time together listening to the wisdom of your own body and natural cycle to create a feeling based intention that will guide you through the month.

If you have trouble getting out of your own way to receive clear messages about your life path, this is an excellent way to receive support and take the space for yourself. This is an important part of the feminine way of creativity, taking intentional time to receive energy and clarity IN YOUR BODY.

Each month I spend intentional time with the New Moon’s energy, it is a very special time for me. And when I have the luxury of having a wise woman to hold extra space for me, the results have been profound.

I’m offering a few spots during the new moon energy for women who’d like to spend private intentional time gathering clarity for this cycle and have their own personal “wise woman” holding space for you. I have a sliding scale payment option $88-108. Our session will be 60-90 min depending on how we flow and to make space for relaxing into your body.

Sessions are done over skype or facetime. If you’re in Denver boulder… message me when you reserve, I may have space we can meet on Sunday morning.


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Reserve your time and we are all set 🙂

Working with Lauren allowed me to become solid in aspects of me I didn’t previously know were mushy.
After each session I felt both renewed and inspired, but also that we had gone all the way through to the other side of whatever I was challenged by and experiencing.  With other coaches, I might feel better and have a new perspective.  But with Lauren, I always felt like I went all the way through to the other side and the issue was completely transformed.  While I had new understandings, it really was the energetic transformation that made the most difference for me.
I also want to add that through working with Lauren I feel more anchored in my own soul.
Alexandra Stockwell

Mother of 4 and Teacher of Women's Sexuality

A look at the Previous Cycles


February 2016 Energy

A theme that seems relevant this month is around sexuality, creativity, and wholeness in partnership. There seems to be a big wave moving through many women around awakening to their sensuality, sexuality, and self care. Some of you are being guided to take time away from partners and lovers in intimacy to fill yourselves, clear old energies, and make your own body vessel more fertile and ready for a new feeling of whole sexuality. This time away may not mean a breakup, it may mean that you need space. Learning to take space for yourself is imperative to healthy and thriving relationships. On the flip side, Some of you are being guided back into intimacy to learn deeper feminine expressions of receptivity and being cared for as you prepare yourself to receive a life partner and move into deeper intimacy.


This beautiful post was sent to me over the weekend. After women friends and a few old clients seemed to be coming with similar issues surrounding this topic, I was inspired to move forward with my idea to begin New Moon Offerings. Below is a re-posting of Sophie Bashford’s Beautiful writing.



Sacred Significance of a Whole Woman’s Sexual Nature

By Sophie Bashford

Wise women – those who have walked this earth many, many times over and have gathered the secrets, the truths, the healing – wise women carry profound sexual awakening codes that are deeply buried in their bodies.

Women who have elected to bring the Light of their Soul Wisdom through in this lifetime will create specific life and relationship experiences designed to illuminate these ancient sexual codings.

This is the kind of female sexuality that is not well-documented in our patriarchal societies. Women have been so far led away from their true sexual consciousness, wisdom and power that we find ourselves living in a world that morally judges, identifies and controls women for the way in which they manage their own sexual energy.

There are so many deeply ingrained beliefs and messages about female sexuality – all of them conditional, moral and highly-judgemental – that most women learn to experience their own sexual consciousness through a tight, restricted lens of patriarchally-dominant visioning – this visioning tells them cleary and unequivocally from a very early age what is, and what is not, acceptable.

What Wise Women and girls all over the world must now know, is that the Higher Forces of the Awakened Goddess is working to change this extreme form of control and domination that has been allowed to reign supreme for so long.

Wise Women, Awakened Women, Truth-Centred Women – your sexuality is an omnipotent, creative, deeply healing, profoundly sacred and radiant force within you. The world does not even know how deep, mysterious and transformative your powers of sexual awakening and healing are. These powers have been locked away for eons – kept safe and protected in the Heart of the Goddess – until now.

Many of you have experienced and created timelines in this life in which you step away from sexual connection – for many years in some cases. This is a conscious step guided by your Higher Self and overseen by many Sacred Feminine Guides. This is by no means a moral judgement on your sexual nature. You are not being ‘purified’ in a moral sense because your sexual energy, or your body, is ‘dirty’. It is quite the opposite of that.

You may have been guided to step away from intimacy for a period of time so that your deep, inner well – your Sexual Chalice – may be refilled and replenished. It also represents a time during which your actual sexual organs receive extremely high-frequencies of Light. These light-waves move very deeply through your innermost sacred tissues, re-attuning you to your sexual powers of healing and ecstatic connection.

Some clearings happen during this time of abstinence from sexual intimacies. It is necessary for old energies to be removed from your body and cells. This is again, not a comment on your past sexual activity, but a desire by the Great Goddess to give your sexual consciousness ‘space’ to come into full power once again.

You are enormously, infinitely and explosively powerful in this arena of sexual intimacy. Your sexual energies do far more than just satisfy or bring superficial physical pleasure. You have most likely always known, deep within your heart and beautiful woman’s body, that you carry sexual impulses that are not yet recognised by the societies that you find yourself living in.

The Goddess is telling you now that great changes are occurring in the way in which you use your sexual energies. You are drawing in partners who are spiritually ready for the journey of feminine sexual-creative expression that is now unfolding. Make no mistake, this is a very deep journey into realms of sacred-sexual connections that have a great effect on the both of you.

Your kundalini is a part of this process, without doubt. But you are even more than this coiled-spiral of vital divine spark that rests at the base of your spine. You, as a Whole Woman, are the illumined Light-Force that the parched earth is craving connection with.

Your sexual nature is wild, uncontainable, limitless, all-powerful, hypnotic, crazy, intense and must no longer be attributed to a dying, old, worn-out patriarchal fear of WOMAN.

This is what is happening now. You will receive more information about this subject, for it forms the core of who you are, and what you are now being guided to bring through for the resurrection of the Goddess-Consciousness on Earth.

Never, ever suppress these energies as they rise and live within you. Not many men can handle them yet, but some are coming forward with a willingness to transform from being in this sensual light of yours. More will follow in their wake.

The world will awaken, heal and transform from the unapologetic rise and expression of the true feminine sexual spirit.


“Working with Lauren opened up my womb for the first time in my life. I had no idea what was really there. I perceived it to be ugly, weak, vulnerable and a burden. I now see it as warmth, life, strength, and wisdom. My words aren’t conveying the power of my experience with her, but she helped begin the process of learning to really love, honor, respect and KNOW myself…which taught me how to treat others in a new way.”

Julie Soric

Working with Lauren has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. Having her as my mentor fundamentally empowered me at a deep level, and I still see the benefits of our time together a year later.

Lauren has a unique ability to see what is hidden, to dissolve your fears, and go with you, gently and boldly into your most unknown places. She will help you find treasures within that you never knew you had, and give you an amazing and empowered view of yourself.
She will also give you some kick-ass tools to ride the waves of your experience, embrace who you are, and EXPRESS it more fully!

My way of relating to myself, my emotions, and other people have benefitted dramatically from working with Lauren. Most notably my relationships with men are radically different: I feel so much more free and empowered and can enjoy myself so much more in relationships, free of anxieties and ‘survival tactics’.

If you know deep down that you are a powerful, unique, beautiful, loving woman, but your life experience and the way you express yourself in the world don’t fully reveal the strength and potential you have, then I can highly recommend enlisting Lauren as your valuable mentor and ally.”

Danika Geyer