Living your Creative Rhythm Sisterhood

Learn to navigate each phase of your cycle so you can:

*Create and Make your Stuff with less stress and in collaboration with your body and mother nature

*Come Home to your Body and your Feminine Essence Roots

* Sync your life, Creative Work, Business and family with YOUR cycle instead of fight against it

Watch the Free Intro Class for this course to gain insight into if it is right for you:

My first real bleed time retreat happened on accident.

I was sick. My body was earthquaking. Shaking. Nauseous. I was having what I would equate to menopausal hot flashes at 29. I would wake up with monsterous headaches that would lay me down for hours until some emotional response would flow. And then I would weep for hours. Until I then moved into complete clear bliss and calm.


This would happen and I would have these episodes, everytime I started to push too hard. And so I had to stop .


I just stopped and layed in my bed sometimes for 45 minutes or hours breathing, with my hand on my heart and the other on my belly and I would just breath. Breath. Nothing else. No leaving my body, no leaving my thoughts, no storytelling, just breath, hands, and being with myself. No abandonment.


I would do that until the anxious energy or whatever it was would just leave and change and I would feel calm, stable. Grounded again.


I could think again. I could make decisions from this place.


Because of my psuedo “illness” I had no choice but to give all my attention to feeling better and staying in my body. And so I turned to ayurveda and it’s morning and night time routines. I created a rhythm before bed, I noticed what was not helping me, what was aggravating my own system, what was making me more wobbly.

It was cell phones, technology, staring into screens for too many hours, seeking for answers from others and books and friends. Then it was worry, thoughts for long hours about how will I do this or that or this. Then it was light, so sensitive to light I could barely keep my eyes open.


Then it was humidity. Dry. Hot. Wet. Damp. I used to lay for hours with damp towels covering my eyes prividng both moisture and damp darkness to my tired exhausted eyeballs.


I started earthing. TV off at dusk. Phone away. COmputer off. No matter what. Whatever I am doing can wait until tomorrow, you need to learn what you actually have the capacity to do or not do in a day. And honer this time of repose before sleep.


You see I wasn’t sleeping well. Go figure. I was sleeping but I was awake in my mind running thoughts all night long until almost 4-5 am, when I finally was able to go into deeper surrendered dream state around 5 or 6am and then sleep until 8 or 9 or 10.


I was living at my parents then and had the freedom to just be there. It was a gift.


I noticed day after day, after implementing these night time rituals and “rules”

No technology after dusk.

No reading.

Nothing agitating.
Nothing too harsh or hard.

No bright and fluorescent lights.
Candle light only

Be outside at dusk and enjoy the view

Sit on the earth for 20 or so minutes before bed

Listen to soothing music

Put the phone in the drawer and on nighttime away mode, no vibration, no sound, on airplane mode

Never have the phone not on airplane mode near your body

Eat before 7pm

Don’t eat while staring into a screen


All of the things that suck my energy dry.

When I did these rules and I had a solid 2-3 hours before sleeping, that I slept, much better. And I entered a dream state much earlier in the night and awoke much earlier rested and refreshed.

I realized that if I put too much information and stimulation into my system after the natural call to prepare for bed that is the sunset, that my psyche had too much to digest during the night, I was working when I wanted to be resting, I had no choice, the information was there.

And it was this practice plus Laura Owen’s Book Honoring menstruation that led me into the first real bleeding retreat phase I ever had.


There was a part of her book where she writes about these rules for menstruation that came to her in a dream about egypt and Hathor, and what women used to do when they bled.

And something about that book gave me permission and some sort of real transmission about how to really do it and do it well.

And so, I did it, because I’d already been doing it at night time, so I just app[lied the same principles to a few days instead of only at night.


And what occurred was this awesome and challenging ride into emptiness and the spiritual void of creation and essence, into nothingness and then out into total complete clarity and rejuvenation. Something I’ve never quite felt unless I was utilizing the help of the sacred mushroom or the psychedlic plant medicines.


Days 1 and 2 were challenging.


Then Day 3.


I felt this wash over my body of complete and total love and honey guidance. Compassion. Clarity. Infinity. Emptyness.


My miind had a field day. There’s nothing to do there’s nothing to do there’s nothing to do!!!


Over and over and over and over again.


I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do!


Until all of the sudden another thought came…


What if… there isn’t anything to do.


Listen to what you are saying, thinking.


There’s nothing to do there’s nothing to do there’s nothing to do.


Listen .









For a long moment.


Pause more.


And then


Well up

With child like excitement




OMG there’s nothing to do. WTF have I been worrying about.


If there’s nothing to do I’ll just wait around and find other things to do I enjoy until the thing I should be doing arises and becomes clear.


OMG I’m in the void.







There’s nothing to do here. That’s the point of it.

So just ride it out until something arises.

Don’t force it.


Total. Bliss.


The Oxytocin Wash is what Alexandra Pope calls it.


It happens on day 3 on the bleed typically.


And it is designed to happen.







There is more to our cycles that we have been told.

Which I’m sure is obvious to you.

But it’s even more than simply just to “love your blood”


And this is how I accidentally discovered that there was more to bleeding time than was previously imagined. Even more that just rest.


Something else occurs.


And that something else I feel is the missing piece of women’s spirituality and practice.


And this

Is what we speak about in the Feminine Rhythm Learning Circle, a free group any woman can join who wants to learn the basics of cycle study

And this plus more is what is inside of the Live your Cycle online Course, my self paced with access to guidance and question answering via FB group shares.



The study of my own menstrual cycle, the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of the moon began to deepen last July when I ended up at my parents house after a breakup and what some people call a “come to jesus” moment.

It began at my roots in my childhood room while I sat with intense emotions of grief, loss, and confusion. Not to mention RAGE.

It began when I started slowly getting out of bed and listening to what my body was asking for. Sweetness. Kindness. Honor. Structure.

It began after receiving a very clear message during a solstice ceremony that my focus for the next 6 months was not about work, money, or business ,but about…



Are you sure I’m not supposed to be focusing on what I need to do to create stability with my income or go deeper into my work in the world?

When I let myself sink into the FEELING of this vision. I felt how good it felt. And so I followed. Using every spiritual tool I ever learned plus some I didn’t know I had.

I spoke to ancestors living and not living. I prayed. I wrote. I cried. I oil massaged my body once, sometimes twice a day. I did qigong. I prayed some more. I started playing guitar. I started writing songs. I cried some more. I did self vaginal massage daily to release the trauma and tension. I began to focus my attention on simple body needs like food, water, and rest. I studied herbs and ayurveda and hormones. I ate ktichari and learned to make herbal infusions and tinctures.

My parents thought I was nuts.

I barely had any money and no one to guide me…

but I had her. My cycle. My body. My listening. 

I wanted to know how my body really worked as a rhythmic and cyclical creature.

And after a period of weeks, things shifted. I met a man. I felt creative in way I never did. I felt inspired and clear. I entered into the sweetest falling in love experiences ever, with myself, and then with myself in the presence of a man… and then with the man himself.

A few cycles later I became pregnant… and am now growing this little life and family in a whole new way.

Over the last year my own study of the cycles of life and body in combination with my previous lives of being a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and a feminine presence meditation teacher seemed to blossom into something that feels much more…me.

And it’s taken me a while to get the ovarios to offer this course to you all.

My method of understanding the phases and rhythms of the body and cycles, including the cycles of the outer world is incredibly fun, validating to you as a woman, and practical in your daily life. 

If you want to learn to accept yourself in a way you never have, to treat yourself with honor and care, and then to bring this into your relationships and how you structure your family and work world, I would love to have you with us.

In The Summer of 2016 I’m taught an 8 week class and study on menstrual mapping and living the cycles of your body and life ( instead of them manipulating you into self hatred and feeling drained by everyone else’s time tables).

And about 15 women participated. I was pregnant with my Son.

Whether you want to conceive a child, this practice is about so much more. It’s about healing your relationship to your womanhood, your period, and your body. 

Your cycle is your creative teacher, your highest spiritual guide, and a loving friend. I love my period so much that I really miss her, even though I love the experience of being pregnant. I was so in tune with that part of my body and how it guided me that being pregnant feels a bit scary and unknown. It’s not as predictable as a monthly cycle or as easy to learn since it only happens a few times or never in a woman’s life.

This is for you if you feel called to find a new root of relating with yourself and your cycle. To initiate yourself into the sacredness of your cycle and the cycles of life.

I’m really excited to teach this as I feel so FULL with wisdom and information and I just NEED to transmit it to people who really want to hear it and learn.

If you have questions please contact me 🙂

Much love to you all.


Transform your relationship to your Creativity and Body as you learn the art of living and mapping your menstrual cycle. This class is about learning to cultivate honor and sacredness in your daily life by learning to honor the most innate cycle your body has.   The Cycle of your body is sacred. It is your creative rhythm and it contains gifts that you can use in practical ways to be the heart of your life, family, career, and home.

Come learn how to flow with it instead of against it.

 You’ll gain an in depth understanding of the 5 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle and how each phase can look, feel, and be experienced in your life. You’ll learn about the seasons and the lunar cycle and practice using these tools to help you live in sync with your body and nature. 

You’ll create a foundation to relate to your phase of life and cycle ( whether you’re healing health issues, coming closer to menopause, trying to conceive, or wanting to avoid pregnancy but create a deeply intimate experience with your sexual partner) You’ll understand how your hormonal system works and learn various practices and tools to support your own health  ( meditations, movements, foods,  herbal remedies etc) .  

I’ll share with you how to listen deeply to your body’s wisdom and begin to make choices in your life from that place.  From this wisdom, you will gain the ability to track and map your own body’s natural rhythms and understand the messages for aligning yourself with the most sustainable and pleasurable way of living.

By participating in this course you’ll have a dedicated space to learn the art of cycle mapping, engaging your feminine essence and inner wisdom as well as the energy of a group of women all dedicated to this study in our private fb group. 

This course is beautiful and transformational, thank thank you Lauren Sheehan <3. I look forward to the vibration of your book when it is time for you to share.

I just love the divine timing in life, I started bleeding on the full moon, while on my way to a retreat in Ojai California, this past week, where I was nourished with clean live foods, rest and lots of love and journal time. What beautiful alignment.

This class has brought me to a deeper awareness of the body, I find I am choosing more physical gentle activities too like yummy, yummy yin yoga these days. I am deeply grateful for my new awareness and experiences! Powerful work.

Summer 2016 Student

I can’t adequately express how much this class is serving me and how much more in tune with my body I feel. 

Summer Student 2016

Full Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Cycle Mapping, Lineage and Loving our Cycles as women

  • Menarche to Menopause: the wisdom of the menstrual cycle explained
  • Learning the basic tools to begin cycle mapping; journaling and tracking the physical signs of each phase of the cycle as well as their emotional states.
  • Understanding cycles of nature, how they govern our bodies, emotions and health.


Week 2: The Pelvic Ecosystem: Understanding the female body and energy system

  • Learn how to listen deeply to your intuition
  • A Shamanic and Medicinal View of the Female Reproductive System
  • Learn about the Female Pelvic ecosystem: the organs and organ systems in the female pelvic bowl (the uterus/womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and pelvic floor. Not just where they are but how they relate with each other and how we can listen to them for our own health and happiness)  
  • Learn a Pelvic Bowl Centering Meditation

Week 3: How Your Hormones Actually Work

  • A look at the hormonal chain in your body, how it works, and why it works, so that you can know how to work with it in your nutrition and daily activities.

The Menstrual Cycle

Week 4:The Bleeding Retreat: The Winter Phase/ The Menstrual Phase

Week 5: The Outward Spiral: The Spring Phase/ The Follicular Phase

Week 6: The Summer Phase: The Ovulatory Phase

Week 7: The Inward Spiral: The Harvest Phase/ The Luteal Phase

Week 8: The Bleeding Preparatory Phase: The Autumn Phase/ The Pre-Menstrual Phase

Each of these classes we will dive into:

  • The Physical signs and Emotional Outlook of each phase
  • Herbs, Plants, and Foods that support each phase
  • The Gifts and the Shadows of each phase
  • What movements support each phase

You will be cycle mapping as a group throughout our class and this time serves as your intentional space for this study and practice, as well as to have supportive sisters who are learning with you. Those who are not bleeding will still map their cycles and we will work with other ways to track the natural cycles of your life.

We will have food and snacks to share each class. And most days complete with a grounding feminine essence meditation practice.
A note for those on birth control, in peri-menopause, post-partum  or other issues that cause you to have irregular or no menstrual cycles: if you feel called and inspired, this class will be very helpful for creating a new foundation for relating to your cycle and the cycles of life as a woman. This work will carry itself into your life in ways beyond your period.

Working with Lauren has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. Having her as my mentor fundamentally empowered me at a deep level, and I still see the benefits of our time together a year later.

Lauren has a unique ability to see what is hidden, to dissolve your fears, and go with you, gently and boldly into your most unknown places. She will help you find treasures within that you never knew you had, and give you an amazing and empowered view of yourself.
She will also give you some kick-ass tools to ride the waves of your experience, embrace who you are, and EXPRESS it more fully!

My way of relating to myself, my emotions, and other people have benefitted dramatically from working with Lauren. Most notably my relationships with men are radically different: I feel so much more free and empowered and can enjoy myself so much more in relationships, free of anxieties and ‘survival tactics’.

If you know deep down that you are a powerful, unique, beautiful, loving woman, but your life experience and the way you express yourself in the world don’t fully reveal the strength and potential you have, then I can highly recommend enlisting Lauren as your valuable mentor and ally.” D from Germany

“Working with Lauren opened up my womb for the first time in my life. I had no idea what was really there. I perceived it to be ugly, weak, vulnerable and a burden. I now see it as warmth, life, strength, and wisdom. My words aren’t conveying the power of my experience with her, but she helped begin the process of learning to really love, honor, respect and KNOW myself…which taught me how to treat others in a new way.” J from Austin Texas

“Before I worked with Lauren,  I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I was always in a hurry, running from here to there, from the time I woke, to the time I went to bed. Now, I have a deeper connection with my body and I now make decisions from a place of deep down knowing (in my core), rather than a place of questioning and insecurity. I went from feeling asexual and androgynous (I had quit caring for me in simple ways) to super feminine. I learned what it truly means to slow down in my life and and with my family by staying in my body and that this way of being is more authentic and I am better received by others.The spark is back in my marriage, I feel super grounded and calm, I know how to magnify my presence when needed, and I have a new connection to my body, that at the age of 39, I have never had before.” DG

Psychotherapist and Mindful Mothering Coach

Lauren is an amazing instructor and powerful woman. I’m so grateful to be in the group and I’ve grown so much in my body awareness, confidence, trusting my intuition and feminine energy. I can see many more woman benefiting from this practice. K from Austin