Menstrual Midwifery

The moment that you become pregnant you have a new need you didn’t have before. Who is my care provider. Who will help me to birth this baby?

I need a doctor. I need a Birth center. I need a midwife.

We instinctively know that we’ve never birthed a baby before and it is wise to have guidance and care.

We go and we seek a good midwife. One that we feel comforted by. One that our bodies trust. Because this woman is going to be with us during a very vulnerable and intimate rite of passage in our lives.

What if I told you that your menstrual cycle is a rite of passage, each and every cycle, there is a birth, and a death. A cycle ends and a new one begins.

A layer sheds, and you become a new woman. Each and every cycle.

There was once a time when women’s spiritual journey was held in a container that included and involved and utilized her menstrual cycle and bleeding time. There are cultures in which the elders sat in circle and listened to the dreams of the menstruating women. There are traditions where a woman was not considered a “woman” in the tribe until she had completed 13 moon cycles of journeys during her menstruation time where she would enter a hut by herself, drum, sing, pray and tend fire all night, and then sleep and dream each day, until she came out after bleeding has stopped to be received and heard by the elder woman.

A woman’s body holds all the instructions for a spiritual journey, a ceremony, a cleansing. In fact, the structure of a spiritual journey or ceremony was likely derived from the design of women’s bodies and cycles.

Menstrual Midwifery is about holding, hearing, guiding each woman into the mystery of creation and the creative process through the portals that naturally live inside her body. It is about receiving her when she emerges anew and hearing her wisdom, reflecting to her what is strong, wise, beautiful, and good. It is about repairing the ways we have been cut from our bodies and our communal rites of passage.

As a mentor, the midwife forms a relationship with her clients through trust and listening, and offering rite guidance and reflection in rite timing. She is available through the process of birthing a new form of self, and helps the woman entering the pathway move beyond her fears and judgements into a new sense of relating with her own body and her world.

While you may not be birthing a human baby, you may be preparing for pregnancy, the passageway into becoming a mother, transitioning from focusing on career to being a stay at home mom, birthing a different version of yourself,  aligning your working life with your cycle, a new way of making income in the world, a new role or new responsibility in your life and community.

For this, women need a good midwife. She needs to be seen, feel supported, know she has someone with expertise and wisdom to turn to when she encounters something that scares her, or is unfamiliar. She needs someone to celebrate with, to share her desires, to speak out loud the truth of what she is and feels.

The process of aligning life and daily habits and schedule to honor our bodies and our cycles takes time, takes a gestation, and dedication. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Having guidance and support is a good thing. Having congruent spiritual leadership feels wonderful.

This is what a midwife does.

This is what I am.

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I work 1:1 with a small number of women. This is a very tailored and individual attention kind of program based on you.

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