All this time

The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”


What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the whole sky.”



Generosity and Fierce Compassion : For the soul who needs reminding of her inherent worth. You are worthy just because you exist. Moonstone reminds you of the wisdom and mystery of the feminine. Rose Quartz reminds you to have fierce compassion for yourself It is soft, beautiful and loving. This mala contains elements of earth and sky, water and wood. It is calming and enlivening. Brightening and succulent. The Winged pendant and leather tassel is about strength, roots, and ground. A bold, yet beautiful statement.

The bead pattern is in 7 ( for the month of July) and 15, a Capricornian number, and 22 a master number.

Designed intentionally and intuitively using the cycles of nature, stars, and numerology.


Rose Quartz,Moonstone, Honey Wood

Guru Bead: Glass Faceted Heart with Angel Wing pendant

Tassel: Tan Leather

26 inches long… the heart sits right on the womb!! ( not planned :))


On July 2015

Natural Rhythms and Transitions

*Full Moon in Capricorn

*Moving from Gemini to Cancer

*Element: Fire

Maybe you have, noticed, Venus and Jupiter have been lighting up the night sky with the moon. When I look at the design of the July Mala I can see both, the rose quartz (Venus), the moonstone (Jupiter). Astrologer, Chani Nicholas says generosity and connection are two main qualities of Venus and Jupiter. This is what the ending of June has brought us to. A new realization about what connection and generosity ARE.

We have recognized the currency of relationships, we see that connection is vital, and we feel we want to be a part of the symbiotic cycle of the whole, of nature.

As we move from Gemini into Cancer, we experience the transition into the fiery part of the summer and also into a time where the fruits of our lives are starting to bloom even more vibrantly. I am seeing this everywhere with so many of you. So many fruits are starting to bare, new opportunities, new loves, and at the same time many rotten fruits are getting pruned. Jobs are shifting, layoffs are happening, what we want to be doing for work and money is changing.

Personally I have been challenged to dig deeper as to what business is to me, what abundance is to me, how I want to relate to money, how I want to relate to the ECOSYSTEM of life.

We have moved from the element of wood to fire in the Chinese 5 element system. What this means is that we are now in the heat and height of expression, fruition, and action. This is a time when what is not serving gets burned away more fiercely. This can be a pleasant process for those who can let go and a not as pleasant process for those who want to hold on.

Here is some info on the Numberology of the Month from one of my great teachers and mentors Denise Byron

July resonates at a 15 vibration this year which is a Capricornian number. Since we start out this month with a Capricorn Full Moon, it’s important to consider how we are:

• approaching our work

• cultivating light-heartedness

• developing resilience

• being more creative in our problem-solving

• reclaiming our joy

• recommitting to what inspires us

Our relationships will continue to be our most invaluable teachers this month. What are you seeing reflected back to you (through others) about your actions, your motivations, your behavior, and your truth?

One of the best-kept secrets of the number 15 (and of some Capricorns) is an earthyan delicious sense of humor that reminds us all to lighten up and have some fun!

– Check out Denise’s work at www.deniseelizabethbyron.com



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