I’m little erked. I’m getting tired of people giving judgements a bad rep.

I understand the thought process of not judgeing others and that what we judge in others is also in us. I understand wanting to have harmony and unity on the planet. but we can’t pretend that we don’t make judgements all the time. Everytime we SEE something and say something, it’s a judgement. positive or negative.

I have found that in self help land, I turned away from my judgements and in doing so turned away from myself. Because I was judging myself for making judgements.

Judgements help me navigate this world. They help me learn to trust my gut, my intuition, which is nothing more than a judgement I make about a feeling I have given the information I have around me. And the more I trust my gut and go with it, the faster I can feel what’s up for me and let it go and move forward.

I have learned to not be attached to my judgements, to be open to them changing and shattering, for them to not be *right*, but what I can say is that the second I let myself make clear judgements again, my life got so much more clear and fun. I was able to express myself much better, see more clearly, and be open to so much more. And I was able to let my judgements of myself go and my judgements elsewhere be fluid and malleable.

It helped me engage this world in a tangible way. Without making judgements or having opinions about things, I found myself feeling more and more disembodied.

And I know it’s subtle but for me, this whole idea of trying not to judge anyone or anything was more harmful than helpful.