Yes. It’s never “complete”.

And. There are many things that have a clear beginning and a clear ending.

Your life for example. Has a clear beginning and end.

The creation of your dinner has a clear beginning and end.

Your menstrual bleeding has a clear beginning and a clear end.

You’re life is filled with cycles of beginning and ending.

It is simply that you are disconnected to the innate gratitude and honoring of those transitions and cycles that are actually very natural to you as a woman.

When you begin to feel into the rhythm of your womb a whole world of divine timing wakes up inside of you and the process of learning how to ride the wave of the unknown with your own plans begins.

And then you begin to just FEEL when something is about to begin, or about to end. And you can more easily trust and surrender into that, even when it’s challenging.

Here are a few things you can do to heal the rush monster, speed disease, frenetic energy and confusion that might be running your world:

1) Smaller creative projects:
When I started making Malas, I loved them for many reasons. What I see now is that making malas has a clear beginning and a clear end. And it’s physical, tangible, and visual. When I hold a completed mala in my hands a sense of completion comes over that feels so good. When I send off a mala to a client, I feel this sense of release in my womb and body, like I’m releasing the energy of a creation she was holding.

I have a visionary big idea mind. This makes me tend towards reaching for very big goals that for me have been not achievable because of my lack of ground, lack of communication skills, or fear of expression.

Consistently making malas, making space for my whole creative vision and process, continuing to show up, and then marking the completion of each one has healed so much of my creative wounding. Another thing that is a big part of this healing is that I started making malas because I genuinely loved making them. They lit something up in me. I wasn’t trying to fix or heal something through them. And that, made them healing.

2) Create space for clear beginnings and clear endings in your daily routines

What do you do to honor and recognize the beginning and the end of your daily routines and cycles? Much like in a yoga class when we open with an om, a chant, or a simple breath in and an intention, you can do this in any part of your life.

The key here is to really feel it. The way you mark and honor the opening and beginning of a cycle, project, or ritual is important. Maybe it’s lighting a candle, maybe it’s a prayer, maybe its a breath. Only you know. Lately every time I sit down to eat, I breath, look at the food, smell the food, and then out loud picture all that it took to get this food on my plate. I thank the people and animals that made it possible, the store clerks, the people who had such an idea to create a small healthy grocery store that I love to shop in, the people who made up the recipe I used, myself for having the wisdom to be so intentional with my food…

When you close the energy of the cycle, take a breath, be in your body. Do you rush about into your next thing? Take time to honor yourself and what just transpired with gratitude from your heart. Make it meaningful. What did you really enjoy and appreciate? What struck you. When you share what’s real you connect back into your own widsom and the power of your feelings.

3) Do ONE thing at a time and eliminate distractions

This sounds simple. But it’s not easy. Eating for example is a good place to begin. When you eat, do you take your food to your table, sit down, breath in, acknowledge your food, and then eat it, feeling it’s textures, smelling it’s smells, tasting the tastes, and then feeling it go down your throat into your belly?

Do you not even sit down to eat at all? Are you always in a rush? Are you always eating in the car, on the go, watching tv, reading, looking at facebook?

Would you like it if you were eating dinner with a friend or lover and they were on the phone, reading, watching tv while you were there with them enjoying a meal together?

What if you started relating to your own food this way. Give your food the dignity of having a conversation with you and you with it as you eat.

4) Get enough rest and sleep
Enough rest and enough sleep? What is that? How much is that?

Only you know. And you will only know when you surrender to your body and let her show you how much rest she needs. Over time, she will show you what gives her energy and what sustains her. And over time, you will come to feel like you don’t always exist on the edge of exhausted and over worked.

5) Clearing energetic space inside the pelvic bowl

Your pelvic bowl is a wise support system. Sitting for long periods of time and focusing the eye’s attention outwards stagnates the pelvic energy. Recognize the early signs of pelvic and energy stagnation and take care of it immediately instead of seeing how long you can push yourself. You can easily clear the energy of your pelvic bowl through changing activities, walking, circling the hips, becoming still and breathing into your bowl, singing, doing something wild and creative. Ask your womb center what the best way to restore her energy is and follow that.

6) Be gentle with yourself

There is power in gentleness. This means learning compassion for your body and your mind. Touching yourself in gentle ways. Giving space to sleep, eat, and create new habits that support a grounded root and feminine presence. Giving yourself indefinite time to learn and explore your own creative rhythms. Use less pressure. Breath softly. Sink in.

You deserve gentleness.