I want to talk to you about natural cycles, rhythms, and the creative capacity of your feminine energy. It’s something many women have been far removed from or have a narrow understanding of. Our natural rhythms for rest, creation, exertion, clearing, celebration and more are in essence an art form in the tending to and a journey of discovering your own wild nature.


This week I’ve been using my jade egg a LOT, my mentor Denise Byron reminded me that it’s a powerful tool for clearing energy in my Pelvic bowl and I’ve been re-reading Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent, continuing my love affair with Women Who Run With the Wolves, beginning new explorations with new clients, and surrendering to the end of a particular love relationship, wondering what new growth is waiting for us. It’s been a big week 🙂


Through all of this, I’m really recognizing the importance of cycles and honoring our natural rhythm…


By now, I don’t think it’s arrogant of me to say that I know I’ve found my rhythm and my cycles and live in connected way with nature, my body, and the cosmos. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of deep inner work to surrender to that.


I wonder about you all…


How do you feel about cycles, your natural rhythms, your connection to your own energy and creative resource…


For example for me this month I have a lot of unknowns, lots of options for things I’d like to do, can do, but don’t have the funds for yet, am not clear about certain schedules, or I’m tuning into the divine timing and order of things. I’m careful to not over commit or over use my energy. ( I’ve spun myself out on that one more times than I’d like to admit)


One big thing is this month is that I need to manifest a new living situation and I’m not willing to settle for less than what I desire. I know that takes energy, it takes my creative power. I know that I need all my energy and Essence for that. I need it home, with my body, unscattered and ready for action when it’s needed. Like a cat ready to pounce at any moment. Agile. Graceful.


I’m the midst of it all, there are trips I’d like to take, new offerings I’d like to offer, I can see so many great and exciting possibilities and choices..I know I cannot hold everything all at once on my own and I know that I don’t want to choose everything at once. This teeter totter between the reality of actual manifestation and bearing fruit vs the letting go into the divine is the sweet spot of where I am learning to live and operate my life from.


And so I am aware of how I prioritize my attention and energy. I know where is most important for me to feed my soul roots. At the base I know I need to be dancing and moving my body often and in what specific ways and with what specific teachers. I know that I need a certain level of healthy and delicious food nourishment. I know I need a certain level of connection with girlfriends, and I know I need sexual intimacy and touch (how often and with whom).


Beyond those basic needs, that have become rather intuitive and in my unconscious competence, there are new habits I am forming, new things being birthed: New home, new clients, new way of offering myself and work.


I am becoming. I am feeling more strong daily and more like I’m actually LIVING what I’ve been studying for 7 years.


At the same time, I know from experience that I can only focus on so much at one time without sacrificing my life enjoyment and ability to be present for my life. I can only be where I’m at. And I won’t go against my nature anymore.


I’ve learned the hard way so many times that now I know anything that’s going to be sustainable in my life and NOT lead to fatigue and burnout (which is what’s happening to so many) has to come from my center, my wild woman, and unfold naturally without egotistical force.


And I’ve learned to protect and tend to my cycles and needs for rest, recovery, healing, soul digging, connection, play, nourishment, and exertion. This has taken years of trial and error and I’m still learning.


What I see in so many women I speak to is a lack of knowledge or ability or knowing how o respect and honor their own energy: How to clear and tend to it. Cultivate it. Grow it.


It’s like a garden. For me I’ve come to know it’s the most important foundation. And so I’d like to share a little more into the inside process of how I use my feminine energy, womb, and vertical core (pussy, womb, heart, intuition,) to manifest in my life. I hope this gives you a glimpse into how I tangibly and practically use my body, my energy, my spirit, and my imagination to create and live. IMPORTANT: This is not meant as instructions or steps for you. This is meant as a navigational window that can spark your own intuitive internal creation process. This is not something I can *teach* you in steps. But in seeing my process, you may more easily find your way to your own.

Seed Planting:

The seed planting for said new home began a month ago when I began praying and asking for what I desire, I began to create the emotional framework and use the imagination of my intuition to bring what I really want into consciousness. I focused  myself to create the tangible felt sensation of having my desire (Think Danielle Laportes Desire map) inside my body. My pelvic bowl is a generative place to nurture seeds. The fire in my pussy fuels and stokes the contents of the bowl so roots can begin to grow and a blossom can rise up to my heart. My heart acts as a lighthouse, a beacon calling forth my emotional current and desires. And then I let it all go to source.


I had one time of SUPER focused attention on this *ritual* of sorts, and for a week or so could feel myself coming back to that energy and back to my prayers. Mostly I just let it go and be inside my life, enjoying what I’m doing and being present for things, trusting that I’ve set things in motion.

Watering and Nourishing: Gathering Power and Energy

Since I planted those seeds, I’ve not put much attention or energy into the physical actions of home finding. It’s not time yet, those fruits are about to burst and I’ll know when they appear, but doing anything before that time just wastes my energy, depletes me, and causes un-necessary worry and fear. What I have been doing is following my creative impulses and making sure I’ve moving towards the nourishment my body and soul craves through dance, writing, nature, Qigong, crafting with friends, reading, touch, self cultivation and pelvic/vaginal/anus massage, sex, expanding my edges in my healing and mentoring work with women and men, and pruning/clearing anything  that is blocking my flow or poisoning the new growth of these roots ( unfinished business with friends, hurts, resentments, broken agreements etc).
I have been cultivating trust in my own timing and my own nature. Staying intricately connected to what’s arising and what’s needed. This is a tender and vulnerable time that determines the strength, size, and fullness of the blossom or fruit. Too much water could kill it. Too little could make it weak and short lasting. What we create in our lives is very much the same.

Listening to the Buds and Doing what’s needed:

When the time is right, something will burst out from the ground and be recognizable to me as a sign to take a more direct action. I may need support from community in seeking a home, I may need to go scout locations, put myself in the neighborhood I like to soak in its vibration, I may need to look on craigslist or some other internet service, I may need to prepare to save extra money for rent deposits and moving costs. Whatever it is, I know that I’ll know the signs, I’ll see the buds starting to burst, and I’ll know what action to take and when.


I’ve experienced a lot of suffering taking action before action was being asked for. And I see this in clients and women a lot. It’s a part of what we must go through to learn and refine our precision and attunement.


This could look like making the actual choice of the new home. It’s when i get all the possible options before me and then I can choose the one I want.

Ingesting/Digesting, Celebration, and Rest/Rejuvination:

These are the last parts in the cycle. This could look like stocking up my new pantries with food, decorating my new room, roaming the new land, having a gathering with friends in the new space. This process for has taken 1-2 months (just the digestion/celebration/rest phase !!!) when it comes to settling into a new space and really feeling rooted and at home.


So now you.Where are you in your own journey with your “feminine rhythm” ?


What wisdom do you have to donate to our collective?


What questions do you have for me?


I’d LOVE to hear from you. Send me an email or comment on the blog 🙂