Ok lets face it. Family is a challenge. As amazing as it is, it’s our greatest teacher. And sometimes our teachers don’t feel so great.

And every time I spend time with my family, I brace myself a little.

I learn every time how to be more myself, let myself go, and how to let go of the stories I play out so I can just relax, have fun, and access gratitude and acceptance.

On top of that, the holiday time and the entrance of winter time in the northern hemisphere, brings up lots of emotions and old wounds for people along with all its nostalgia, cheer, tradition and joy.

I wish that I could say I’ve perfected my family relationships or that I don’t regress back to a cocktail of 8 years old mixed with repressed teenage angst….

But alas, I still do and this video was made POST 20 hours in the car with my parents, aunt and uncle, and after arriving to my other aunts home in southern California where the other 10 members of the clan were already settled for an epic week of Thanksgiving.

What I’m already seeing, is just how much I’m willing to slide right back into the shadows and sulk instead od stnd for my own needs ad desires. And so I’m using this week as a place to practice asking for what I want without apologizing, making myself smaller, or making my needs less important to avoid conflict.

So enjoy this diddy on the things I do to help myself be in the moment and stay connected. As always, it’s real and it’s super in the moment, fresh from some family interactions that well, I just had to laugh at.

So, your turn!

What happens to you when you get with your fam and how do you deal?

Until next time,