On listening to the soul-voice:

Your ideas and creations are gestated inside of the creative center in your body.

And you KNOW what energy is needed to nourish your ideas even if you can’t articulate with words what you need or your idea fully is. This is part of the creative process. There is a period where you don’t know, you know it’s essence, but to put words to it too early would put it inside a box too early, stifle it’s potential.

One morning in client session, we both remembered how much our pelvic space gives us information in regards to the seeds we are nourishing.

“I’m not sure if this person is someone I should collaborate with or not. What if I’m not ready? What if I can’t handle it? ”

Those are the sounds of the fearful mental body.

The soul voice, your wombspace, your vagina, sound a lot different; they don’t speak in frantic fear.

“I don’t know what I should do” Said my client

So I guided her to close her eyes, put her hands on her vagina, and start rocking her hips.

“Ask your wombspace” I said.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes and shared with me ” It feels like this person just saw a pretty flower and got excited and wants to play with it, just wants to dance, but doesn’t get the full essence of my project. It feels like she just wants to play and just saw a great idea and wants to just ride along. That’s not what my project is about. It’s not aligned. Her energy isn’t aligned”

I smiled. My intuition had been throwing up red flags, my belly was wincing, tuning in to the energy of this person.

The lesson is, our wombspace KNOWS what is aligned and what is not. What is resonating and what is not. We can sense it.

The thing is, wombspace does not speak in words at first. She speaks in feelings, emotions, and vibration. She speaks in resonance. There is a felt sense that something doesn’t match, something is off, or that OMG YES this fits perfectly and I’m not sure what it is but it fits.

You don’t get information about what it is or what’s in it for you or them. You get information on IS THIS ALIGNED or IS THIS MISALIGNED.

This is your signal to say yes or no and THEN open up into discovering what is there for you and a potential new friend, partner, project, idea. This cultivates trust and surrender. Most of the time I’m not clear why I feel a misalignment, I don’t always get that information until later, but when I trust my senses, my instincts, I build confidence and trust in something greater than me. I build a relationship with my soul voice until soon enough it’s the loudest voice inside me.

These are the subtle energies of your own power and leadership. The sensual aspect of leadership. Where you’re tuned into the what’s beneath, what’s underneath, where truth lives. This is using your sexuality and your pelvic bowl for what it was made for. This is discernment. This is leading from your center. So I guided her to close her eyes, put her hands on her vagina, and start rocking her hips.

Try this on your own. When it seems the most challenging and illogical to tune into your womb-space to listen in for guidance, is the BEST time to tune in. All you need to do is breath deep, rock your hips, and listen in.

You know.

You know.

You know.

As always. I love to hear from you. Let me know how this impacted you and how you listen deeply to your own intuition. Email me or leave a comment!



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