It’s almost 2015 and that means you’re thinking about your plans for the year and how you want to set the tone for it all.

As you’re doing this, I want to chime in with a feminine presence tool that will help you make sure your 2015 plans are not wilted, limp, and flacid, coming from a stance that is a version of you that is so 2014, two thousand and late….

If you want your 2015 goals with soul and plans for your life and biz to start FEELING more in alignment with who you want to become, you’ve got to bring in the INNER TIGER.

We want you to be soft, flowing, and surrendered, which is different than limp and apatheitc. We want the tension and the meltyness in the middle. This is wholeness: masculine AND feminine together.

The title of this video is actually “How to harness your feminine presence without intimidating others” and comes from a question that was from Kendall and the survey I sent out recently.

I picked this question first because I have personally struggled with this question my whole life, feeling like people are always telling me I intimidated them upon first meeting AND because many women also feel that they hold back their own beauty, power, and joy because it might be *too much* for others.

I’ve been reading a book lately called “Straight Line Leadership” and one of the big concepts is on what STANCE you are taking in life and that your stance (i.e. the stance of a CEO of a company vs an employee, the stance of a leader vs a follower)

Your stance is an INNER game that comes from your core and in my language can be accessed through your feminine essence.

Your inner tiger is an inner stance. She is wild, she has an edge, she is clear, she is focused, and she isn’t afraid to fuck someone up (ok my inner tiger is a bit gangster). A part of me now wants to erase that due to some of you might be offended by my inner tiger’s language and humor. But I’m not gonna, not this time.

Here’s my #womblove insight for you today: If you’re intimidating others with your *feminine presence*, it’s because you have an inner tiger inside that YOU’RE still afraid to let out.

And let me tell you, if you go on any longer creating your life without that inner tiger, she’s gonna eventually try to rock the boat and sabotage all over the place.

So this video isn’t your 7 step plan to creating a 2015 you love, but it IS a foundational inner stance that you can cultivate and be present in while you do your visioning, planning, and playing. It’s one facet of you that you’ll want to really get to know, like keys on a piano, notes in song, colors on a rainbow.

Without your inner tiger, you’re just not as vibrant, and the direction you’re pointing your ship isn’t as clear as it could be.

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I’d love to be a support system for you as you let yourself step into a new level, grow your business, cultivate stronger relationships, and let go of self criticism.

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