It’s often difficult to explain what I do and how I do it to people. To be honest, I still stumble with my words a lot.

The best way I know how to share about what I do and the results that come from it is to share it from the words of the women that I work with.

Enter: Candace

Photographer of Families and Women Entrepreneurs

I have watched and witnessed Candace pull herself out of the trenches post breakup, through home transition, and career transition and I have been with her through it all. It was almost like a hurricane hit her life and then she hired me, and we’ve been cleaning up the debris and guiding her into what she really wants to create in her life, helping her integrate, assimilate, feel supported, and have consistency in her life as she re-builds foundations and grows into her womanhood.

You might see yourself in Candace even if you’re in a different place in life. Listen to her story as her and I share what it’s like working together and how it’s helped her navigate her life and lighten her load.

Candace Says:

On Lauren as a teacher and mentor
“Lauren is a game changer. From the first session, I noticed things about myself that I didn’t pay attention to before and that changed how I see myself and pretty much everyone and everything else in my life. She see’s through my bullshit and I’ve been able to breakthrough patterns in my life that have been sabotaging me for years. I need consistency and love knowing that she’s there and that I can reach out when I need to.

The Biggest Change

“The biggest change for me has been in how I relate to myself (which connects to how I relate to everything else), I am much more gentle with myself now, beat myself up less. I used to create this other self, this sexy, beautiful gorgeous goddess, and I would put her out in front, but there was a separation. Now I don’t do that. I realized that She is me and not something that I can only imagine and put on like you put on a suit. And instead of creating another self, now I just feel whole. Now all the parts of me feel connected. I get to be the sexy me and the sad vulnerable angry me. It’s all there and I don’t have to hide.I feel like I can connect with people again. The relationships I’m forming now are drama free and easy, where before they were a complete mess.”


On the changes in Work:
“The clients that I’m getting in my work now are more and more the ones I WANT to work with, not just ones I think I need. I used to always be trying to make connections and over giving myself, feeling exhausted because I felt like I needed to be out there to make money and do what I want. I’ve stopped doing those things now, and the people who coming to me are the ones that I want to work with and treat me with respect “