When you can show up in a woman’s world in a way where your beingness says to her “I see you and I see your whole world. You’re whole reality”.
You step into her world seeing ALL of her, even what she is unwilling to see in herself. And yo…u say with your presence I see all of this and all that you are and are creating and I love it all and I’m not afraid to show you where and what you’re running from.and it’s not with any sort of agenda that you need to show her any of this.
It’s simply how you be, it’s a message to her subconscious. You are inviting her to step into the highest version of her because you can see it and you know how to be and speak past the unconscious parts of her, the programs. You can hear past her words and hear what she is actually saying or wanting.
This is my new definition of HOTTNESS in a man. A presence like that. One that simultaneously turns me on, brings me back to wholeness, and kinda scares the crap out of me all at once. Like the loving and terrifying nature of god. The thing I’m learning is that I’m not as scared as I once was to see what I’m not seeing. It’s relieving for me when someone can show me without agenda.
It’s nourishing. I’m not relying on a man to do it, or anyone to do it. but we are inter-personal beings. We can’t see ourselves without a mirror for a reason. it takes a village. I am a woman who welcomes this presence because I am not afraid of losing myself anymore. I know who I AM. I am not running anymore.
Come into my world with this kind of presence as a man and I will show you the depth of a woman’s heart like you’ve never experienced before. Not because I’m hiding my heart for any specific man, but because unless you have the eyes to see, the eyes of your heart, you just won’t have clear sight. Come into my world with that presence and the play begins. that’s when the alchemy begins.
That’s where a man and a woman grow each other consciously.