Grounded and Safe in my body: 4 Lessons and meditations on Clearing, Grounding, and Containing your Sacred energy


Here are the 4 lessons and guided meditations you will receive
lesson #1: Calling your energy back, plugging energy leaks, and connecting to your core physically
* If you want to feel at home in your own body and safe, then you have to understand what else OTHER than you can be inside of it and your energetic container. The concept of containers is very important for cultivating a strong feminine creative energy and making fertile ground for new relationships, new growth, conceiving a child, and healing any illness in your body.

lesson #2: Gratitude, the flow of life. Extended Guided meditation and body scan
* Gratitude is our natural state of being. It really is, only it gets muddied up by other voices and emotions that drag us around. When we live in gratitude we are living in relation and connection to all things. Our whole inner experience of life is totally different. And you can access it and start cultivating it Now
Lesson #3: Sacred rage, anger, and feeling your emotions as a key to authentic boundaries, clarity, and self expression
* If you have issues expressing your boundaries, you suppress your anger, you feel like others walk all over you, and you never get what you want or need, this is a very important topic. Learning how to have right boundaries and clarity will strengthen your container and help you feel more safe in your body and in the world. This will help your healing process, your fertility journey, your dream partner journey, or career journey… cause when you have a container and your inner most being know’s you’ll honor it and tend to to what you love, those voices and people in your head start to cooperate with you in a different way and quiet down.

Lesson #4: Listening to the wisdom of your body, discerning the YES and the NO of your wombspace and grounding in a daily practice
* How to listen and WHERE to listen from is key. Learning to discern what is a yes and what is a no… what is bullshit and what is real is like the holy grail. This last class covers this and offers a practice you can do daily to begin to ground your energy and clear away unnecessary garbage from your system.

You can grab the course in one or two payments here:

This is a self paced course and can be done anywhere and in your own timing. You’ll want to make space for yourself to really do and listen to the lessons in privacy. Each lesson is 60-90 min. Leave yourself some time afterwards to just be and integrate.