What to do if you're ready to say YES...

Working with us is an investment of time and money. We are interested in working with people who are serious about wanting to transform their lives. We will work with you for a month minimum and 3 months maximum and in that first month, we will meet 3 times a week over phone/skype and you will get access to us for support outside of your calls. If you’d like to explore more details on how we work, if it is a fit for you and how the financials work, schedule a call to chat with Lauren.

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Kelly’s Story


In my early twenties I was clueless, like a lot of twenty something’s are about why my romantic relationships were such a disaster. I had no idea the root of my malcontent in relationships derived from my fractured relationship with my parents. When I discovered the root of all my problems went back to dear old dad, it was pretty eye opening. I was still living in the past, trying to heal old wounds with zero awareness about what I was doing and why. I spent quite a few years in therapy, like a lot of people do, talking about my shit every week. It seemed like going to therapy was just a way to process all the crap in my life I didn’t know how to fix. In some ways, going to therapy and talking out my shit, kept me so in my shit I never actually changed. Here and there I had an ah-ha moments, but therapy never transformed my deepest issues. I was still attracted to smokescreens of my dad. I was still playing out the same old shit without any ability to shift it. It was the strangest thing, to have all this knowledge and have no ability to actually use it. Your emotional world and your mental world are different and just because you see shit doesn’t mean you have the courage to be different.

In addition to all my issues, I was suffering from disassociation from reality. Many of you suffer from this, but you probably are unaware. Disassociation is when your soul disconnects from your body. It causes a mind/heart split and it is brutal. You feel like you are trapped in purgatory and no amount of nothing helps: not drugs, not alcohol, not talking about it. No matter how much I tried to get to the root of what was ailing me, no one in the Western World knew how to reconnect my spirit and without my spirit everything I learned in therapy was fairly useless. Therapists thought talking out for years would help. It didn’t. Coaches thought a good pep talk would do the trick. That lasted for all about a week. Healers waved their fairy fingers over me and healed past lives and that shit didn’t help either. I could connect the dots cognitively, but putting what I knew into practice was a whole other beast. After a decade of healers, coaches, therapists, and trying to help myself in every way I could, I finally found acupuncture. Acupuncture was the only thing that worked. 5 Element Chinese Acupuncture rehoused my spirit. It was the very bridge I needed to bring the wisdom of knowledge into my being, so I could put what I knew into practice. After 13 long years of wandering in self help land I realized what worked and didn’t work. The Western World doesn’t have all the answers and neither do I, but I do know what worked for me. Most people who read me and resonate with me hear the truth in my words and it is in this spirit that I can be your guide. Healing doesn’t have to take as long as it took me, I just didn’t have the right resources. I do now, and everyone who comes to me is amazed at how quickly and effectively I do see and know what they need to really live in truth. When you hear people tell you, the truth will set you free, they mean it. I live in the truth now, because I spent years of my life denying the truth and living in hell.

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Lauren’s Story


By the age of 26, I had built a life I thought I wanted and when I started to get really close to “success” (the man, the money, the freedom) I crumbled under the weight of it all. I crumbled and it fell away because while my intentions were good. I was aiming at the wrong target and in the process I lost myself.

I’ve built businesses, been apart of the growth of a 7 figure company, travelled the world teaching, created a solid income for myself as a self employed 26 year old, met the man I thought I would marry, spoken on stages, been apart of high level business masterminds, learned orgasmic meditation, been to seminar after seminar, created lots of financial and time “freedom”….. and in the end none of it really got me where I thought I wanted to go. So I gave it all up (not really by pure choice, it was the only choice I had if I wanted to live).

I used to compromise myself all the time, give up my truth and my freedom for the intimacy I wanted, and let other people walk all over me. I’ve spent the last 2 years diving deeper than most people I know into the depths of my mental world, my heart and my inner landscape to understand the core of who I AM and what was unconsciously driving me to self-hatred and exhaustion at every turn. It has been one of the most rewarding, terrifying, challenging, insane, and amazing times of my life. But I’ve never felt more calm, free, present and excited about life and what I want.

My gifts are deep feeling, the pleasure of movement, and intuition. I help individuals embody their truth and their essence. I have a unique and masterful way of navigating my inner world and now my outer world reflects that. I taught a body of work called The Art of Feminine Presence for 4 years, have extensive experience and knowledge in the world of “feminine/masculine” work and sexuality and have been in the professional coaching industry for 7.

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Paul’s Story


Three years ago I made a decision that changed my life. I decided that I would no longer do anything for money that I wouldn’t do for free. At the time I was lost, I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, or what my purpose was on this planet. No matter how hard I tried to follow the prescribed route to success it just never felt right. I’d studied economics and psychology in college and finally after a failed marriage and financial failure something clicked.

I knew that I had to follow my heart, I had to figure out what I was here to do. I needed to create space in my life for my intrinsic motivation to emerge and guide me to my purpose. I followed my heart, I had no idea where it was taking me but I had faith that wherever it was taking me was better than the prison that I was living in. The year after I made that decision was one of the most difficult years of my life. My heart was leading me on a path to freedom. Today I help people find their own freedom. I help them remember who they are. I help untangle their awareness so they can see themselves and the world around them clearly. This is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I’m doing what I’m on this planet to do.


If you are anything like me, once you commit and choose to invest you don’t want to waste time. I have spent close to 20,000 in self help land over the years and countless years tooling around. It sucked. Awakening doesn’t need to take that friggin long. If you work with people who are clueless, you could be in self help forever, only getting momentary blips of empowerment then reverting right back to the same ole bullshit. I am not going to lie to you. I am not cheap, but if I was you wouldn’t take this seriously and you wouldn’t commit in the way you need to transform your life. I don’t cost as much as coaches, but I charge what is fair for what I do. In all reality, your freedom and well being is priceless.

You have two options when it comes to working with me. You can either work with me alone or you can work with kick-ass team I have chosen to align with. Some people are ready to transform while other people require way more. I have chosen to join forces with Lauren Sheehan and Paul Cooper to provide the best possible team I know to transform your life. Each one of us has our own unique and effective gifts. In my opinion, working with a team is better than working with an individual when you are dealing with big shifts. The team is designed for those of you who need a team to unveil your truth and help you feel it and live from an honest place.



What We Do

Awareness:Uncover your Truth

We help you uncover the truth beyond your ‘story’ and help you make sense of your life and your truth. But just being aware and awake inside your prison isn’t enough to dissolve the knots holding you back. This is often where people stop and get stuck (and where a lot other healer people don’t know how to move past either). You need someone who sees clearly for this (us).

Remembering Who you Are: Untangle your awareness so you can see clearly and dissolve unhealthy patterns from love instead of judgment

If you’re hands are tied up in a rope with knots, you could try to smash yourself against wall after wall trying to free yourself, but it’s much more smooth with some help. We will help you unravel and untie the knots that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, and leaving you feeling broken, unworthy, and wrong. We will rip away layers of wrongness and confusion so that healing can happen. We create a container through which you can feel yourself against us, find yourself in the center and then move forward with confidence and peace. We are the people who can see clearly enough, who have been there and can go as deep as you need to go without getting scared to go there with you to help set you free.

Embody Who you Are: Learn to navigate your world and to stand strong in your own intention

Understanding is nothing without wisdom. Wisdom comes from bringing what you know into your body and your being so you don’t have to think about everything all the damn time. We help you understand the lessons and cues that your reality is bringing to you so that you don’t have to crumble and collapse every time something triggers you. We help you learn to feel what’s inside of you and not be run by it so that you become emotionally competent and mature. By the time we are complete you will be able to just live freely and with way less judgment over your thoughts and actions. You will begin to understand how to fully embody your soul inside your human body and instead of always coping with the world around you, you will start to feel so strong in your own center that the world will have to “cope” with you; so you don’t have to shrink, lie, or stay small for anyone or anything.

Why We Are Unique

We’ve all spent countless years suspended in self help land and countless years outside of it working through the muck of our own personal shit without a lot of outside help. Combined we can take you as deep as you need to go and as wide as you WANT to go. We have wisdom, we have heart, and we have the presence to help you shift.

Self Help is useful when it comes to bringing things into awareness, but awareness isn’t enough for transformation.

In order to shift your patterns and unchain yourself from your unconscious impulses and tendencies, you need to be embodied in truth.

Using our individual gifts we will use YOUR truth as the mechanism to help you feel what you know.

We will bridge the gap between what you know and what you need so that you can feel. your own truth yourself.

We won’t take you through a step by step system, give you books to read, or give you regimens and practices to cling to. Where you are going, you won’t need them.

We will work with you and your life exactly where you are at and we are not afraid of you, your truth, or anything you have to say or share with us.

We won’t become your guru or your savior. We don’t do this to build up our egos. You are now you’re own greatest guru.

We are real people and we won’t try to hide it. We have all been where you are. We have been lost, really lost. We understand where you are. We are not better than you, higher than you, or above you. We will treat you as an equal because you are.

The reason we came together to work as a team is because we know that we each bring something unique and important to the table that is a greater gift than if we were to go it alone and we have come together in harmony to help you. None of us wants or needs to be the star of the show, what we care about is your freedom.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to live in a world of awakened, free, and responsible people who govern their own lives and stop looking to others to tell you who you are.

What We Believe

We believe you are whole. You are not broken. Your perceptions are fractured, because you have been taught that you are fractured.

We believe it doesn’t take your entire life to feel empowered and strong enough to have what you want and govern your own life.

If you commit to your own awakening it doesn’t take forever. It takes as long as you want it to, really.  We are here to show you that everything you need is already inside you, right now.

How It Works

We create the container where healing and transformation can occur instantly.

We are not here to communicate with your mind, we are here to speak the language of your truth and your heart

When you are living in your mind and making yourself wrong all the time you are living a lie. True power, strength, and wisdom come from the heart and we are here to help you get out of your head and the lies you tell yourself and invite you into the experience of your truth.

We rip off the layers so you can see the difference between who you think you are and who you actually are.

What to do if you're ready to say YES...

When you Schedule, Make sure you send us a lil note with:

1) Your name, email and phone number where we can reach you

2) Why you think we can help you

3) What the current challenges in your life are

4) Where you see yourself in the next year

We will be in touch with you with further details about how to get the process started.


As you can see, we are serious about working with people who really want to change. So don’t waste your time or our time if that’s not what you are looking for. We are opening up to evaluate applicants who are ready to work with us.

If you’re ready to say yes to this opportunity, WE are so READY for you!


Working with us is an investment of time and money. We are interested in working with people who are serious about wanting to transform their lives. We will work with you for a month minimum and 3 months maximum and in that first month, we will meet 3 times a week over phone/skype and you will get access to us for support outside of your calls. If you’d like to explore more details on how we work, if it is a fit for you and how the financials work, schedule a call to chat with Lauren.