What a week! My personal theme has been Re-Rhythm-ing and  I have gifts for you that reflect this.

1) A peak into how to follow your own womb rhythm
2) A delicious recipe that will soothe your digestive system and excite your taste buds
3) I am Strong Mala + What is a Mala?
4) A look inside one of my journal pages on Re-Rhythm-ing.

I’ve been posting more frequently and making videos inside our FB group as I’ve been inside my womb cave doing my practices, healing, resting, and gathering my energy.

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Womb Rhythms:

The rhythm of your body, your womb, inside your pelvic space will speak to you in vibrations. She will tell you how she wants to live, how she wants to be. She will guide you into living and structuring your day based on her rhythms and cycles.

What a beautiful terrifying thing to surrender to!

Listen deeply sisters. Listen deeply.

Its in the quiet conversations that you have with your self and your body and your surroundings that you hear whats really going on, and you can begin to slough off what is not truly you.

It feels like shaking. Internal shaking. Let it shake. You get still.

Breath. AHhhhhhhhhhh.
Cry. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

And the world will spin around you until you feel your center.

And YOU will not be inside the hampster wheel feeling taken from and obligated. Running. Running. Running.

You will no longer be running. You will be blossoming in the dark quiet stillness of your own center.

Through tuning in, to what sparks joy, to what feels good. The womb is about wisdom and she’s also about pleasure.
There is a maturity here, a growing up. That’s why it’s terrifying.

Listen deeply sisters. Listen deeply.

Cooling and Soothing Fennel Pesto

Fennel is one of those things that you either love or hate. It’s flavor and smell is aromatic and beautiful and has wonderful healing properties that aid in the cooling of the body in the hot summer or if you know you tend towards over-heating and burn out. ( i.e. adrenal fatigue).

This pesto is hearty, cool, and adds a punch of flavor to anything. Use it as a spread for sandwhiches, on top of rice, inside wraps etc.

I got this recipe on www.joyfulbelly.com and have been enjoying it all week! Get the recipe here www.joyfulbelly.com/Ayurveda/recipe/Fennel-Bulb-Pesto/21509

“Pumpkin seeds, fennel, and cilantro are all diuretics which help to purge excess spring water weight. As a diuretic fennel purges excess spring water weight and detoxifies the blood. Fennel has been shown to protect the liver of experimental animals from chemical toxicity. Their mild bitter taste directly decongests blood.” -www.joyfulbelly.com

I AM strong Mala
for the soul who needs reminding that strength is like water, flowing in and out through the tiniest crevasses, never forcing,
yet able to reel like the waves. Surrendered. #lavarock #druzy #amazoniteJewelry acts as a talisman, a reminder of the energy you want to bring into your life next. My Malas are meant to be personal, meaningful, and medicine for the soul and spirit. They are medicine for the soul and are uniquely crafted for each individual. Mala means ‘garland’ in sanskrit and a mala is a kind of prayer bead used much like a rosary in the catholic tradition.

I make space to craft 2-3 custom malas a month. See more of my designs here.

Re- Rhythm-ingThe practice of aligning body-mind-soul-spirit in communion, connection, and collaboration with nature.Harmony.

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