Pelvic floor tip:

Are your pants too tight? Tight pants that don’t allow for relaxed belly breathing and the belly to just be, cause tension inside the pelvic floor muscles.

Your pelvic floor muscles are the root and floor of your body and when the muscles disengage and go into fight or flight (I.e. Chronic tension or myofascial numbness) you feel more anxious, nervous, insecure…

This leads to increased heart rate, increased adrenal stress hormone release, and increased heart rate.

This leads to collapsed low back and heart, making the posture limp and weak.

This leads to feeling out of control, ungrounded, not confident, needing to “get” from everyone else, to dominate and compare. Scarcity. Fear.

If you’d like to shift your energetic patterns and begin to live from a different energy, a different way of being that invites love, acceptance, joy, harmony, and community, ease…

Start with the root.

Plain old Kegals won’t do it. In order to create harmony and balance in your pelvic ecosystem, you need to understand how the whole ecosystem works together. And what it responds to…

More self beating and hatred adds to the tension.

Feeling anxious? Check your pelvic floor tension.

Now breath. And breath some more. And feel your root. Hear her voice. And let it be ok.

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