Embrace your Feminine 3 Part Series: Maiden, Mother, Queen


Are you so stressed out and overwhelmed that it affects your relationship or it affects you in attracting a good man?

Is your life moving so fast, or are you giving so much to others that you can’t find the space to slow down, nurture yourself, your home, or your relationships?

Do you feel disconnected from your feminine parts of yourself?
Expand your feminine range with these three online classes on the Maiden, Mother, and Queen.

The Maiden: 

The maiden is all about pleasure, joy, spontaneity, and vitality.

• Learn to find pleasure in your own body

• Learn to relax and receive…especially from a man

• Enjoy spending quality time with women

The Mother: 

The Mother energy teaches us to slow down, nurture what sustains us, and create life: our bodies, our spirits, our homes, our relationships, our children, our families, our planet.

She is protective and fierce, yet soft and loving. She is the nurturer. She is the beauty Maker.

We see the mother come out in us whether we are mothering a new job or business venture, a new friendship, a child, or a partnership.

The mother also affects what kind of man or partner is in our lives. What kind of man will you attract, or how will your current partner show up if you don’t have space and if you are not connected to honoring these qualities.

The Queen:  

She is the part of the feminine that inspires others to be their best selves. She has a deeper purpose and holds space for others to fulfill their potential.

She also stand besides her man, who is a King. She believes in others.

The Queen exudes passion. She speaks her truth. She is generous.


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