Do you ever ask yourself why you can feel so capable, confident, and amazing one moment, and other feel completely worthless and stuck?

Maybe you wonder why it is so hard for you to fit in to society, a job, or to get paid for your gifts? The one thing I see in the 20 something generation is that we are inspired creative and aware people and we want to contribute to the world in the best way we can, but it seems like a lot of what we try and our dreams always bite us in the ass. The thick and heavy layers of not enough and I’m not worthy can drag us down down down.

So what to do? This video is a candid share about my own experience with my sense of self worth and my journey to disconnect my worth from my doings and my achievements.

It’s a call to action to discover for yourself the feeling of your own worth inside your heart, to discover the tension that is actually a gift for you to follow, and to understand more about why you might be feeling crazy for not being where you think you should be.

We have to close the gap between where we are right now and still be able to hold our visions for the future, this is a lesson that has been difficult to learn.

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“Before I worked with Lauren, I felt my sexuality no longer existed. I was always in a hurry, running from here to there, from the time I woke, to the time I went to bed. Now, I have a deeper connection with my body and I now make decisions from a place of deep down knowing (in my core), rather than a place of questioning and insecurity. I went from feeling asexual and androgynous (I had quit caring for me in simple ways) to super feminine. I learned what it truly means to slow down in my life and and with my family by staying in my body and that this way of being is more authentic and I am better received by others.The spark is back in my marriage, I feel super grounded and calm, I know how to magnify my presence when needed, and I have a new connection to my body, that at the age of 39, I have never had before.”
Mindful Mothering Coach and Psychotherapist