I hope your July has brought you much softening, compassion, and understanding in your life. This is a time of year when we all go through a heart opening and it can be challenging, disorienting, and painful. In that, it’s also rich, beautiful, and uncovers new expressions of gratitude, joy, generosity, and clarity on where we want to harvest our fruits in the coming season.

I have a small audio lesson for you to share from a recent trip to the wild. It is about how to cultivate the mother energy within you through rhythming with the natural light of day and it was inspired by my experience on this trip, which I’ll share a bit about below:

In the beginning of July, I was gifted with an unplanned trip to the Colorado Western Slope with a friend. She had a house in Pagosa Springs Colorado, a place I had been interested in visiting for a long time.The land there is so sacred.

Having not left my nest or my partner since becoming pregnant, I was very emotional leaving though I knew I wanted to go. It was a challenge and I cried and cried. Yet, my spirit was asking for wilderness and adventure.

Having no idea what I would do on this trip, what I was given was time to myself and time to follow my adventurous and curious spirit for many days, traveling alone into the wild, exploring hot springs, enjoying mountain towns, loving wild flowers, getting to see the stars and two bands of the milky way (TWO!!!), hiking in to a remote natural hot springs next to a rushing river, and discovering beautiful places to maybe live or spend more time.

This trip, a gift that may be my last time as a solo woman without a child, was beautiful and healing. I was mothered by mother nature in my last leg before birthing my own baby.

It was a solo (mostly) baby moon, if you will. A lot of couples go on baby moons with each other to enjoy their last days as just the two of them. I admit was jealous and a bit sad that it seemed my man and I didn’t make space, time, or money to do such a thing for as long as I would have liked.

And of course, nature had other plans. My solo baby moon was exactly what I needed but would not have been able to energize on my own, which made it so much better… full of unknown, surprise, wonder, and adventure.

It rendered me full of gratitude and wonder, having not planned a thing and getting to run simply on my intuition and wild knowing. I soaked up beauty and nature like a dry sponge. And I was humbled by the mother in everything and the way nature can replenish my spirit.

Mother energy is not only vital to mothering a child well, it is vital to mothering anything well while still staying connected to your core. The mother energy comes from deep within and resonates out, first nourishing you and then nourishing those around you because of your connectedness.

Many of you know what it is like to have been mothered by mother’s without this deep nurturing quality or to not have know a mother at all. You can recognize it especially in a woman who looks and feels depleted, cold, dry, exhausted, angry, and unable to be with others, show up for others, or let others feel her heart.

The heart is the place the mother in us comes from, rooted deep to the roots of the womb. Without the womb root, the heart will overwork and over exhaust, feeling fake and overbearing, controlling, or flighty. Other times it just seems like it’s not there, frozen, deadened and unfeeling.

This time of the summer, is a wonderful time to notice the depth of how your body is guiding you and trying to initiate you into the arms of the great mother through helping you nourish and care for yourself.

I would love to share this short 10 min audio lesson with you. You can listen to it here,

Some things you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to create a daily rhythm for yourself and how it cultivated the mother energy in you
  • Simple ways to create a rhythm around the natural sunlight schedule of your natural environment