6 key ways to use Pinterest to grow your biz

When I heard about pinterest, I said “Oh shit”!

Not like the Oh Shit wake up, but like “oh shit, I better stay away from this or I’ll never get anything done”.  So after a few hours wasted dabbling on pinterest last summer, I couldn’t see why it would help me with my business.

Now, after doing some fancy research ( thanks google and mashable!) hearing from some trusted sources, and finding my own fun in using pinterest, I’ve realized that Pinterest has a huge potential to help me  and you grow our businesses with purpose AND lots of fun.

I’ve come up with 6 key ways that you can use Pinterest to interact with customers and clients and use it as a fun tool to position yourself, add credibility, and engage your tribe.You’ll really want to watch this video because I also sing a lil song I wrote for you…

Watch the video below!

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Pinterest has opened up the doorway to speak with fewer words and really paint the picture, plus share valuable content. Leave me a comment below if you’re already using pinterest for your biz I’d love to follow you and highlight you.

Just like any social media, Pinterest isn’t just about ME ME ME. Be mindful about how your are presenting your boards and pages. Remember that people want to get to know WHO you are and who your company is.

Here are the 6 Keys and some examples of pin boards

1)Show them- results, your expertise, your credibility, proof

  • Client/Project/Partner Showcase
  • Before/after images
  • images of completed projects
  • Client Showcase + Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Updates on current projects
  • Videos of your clients
  • Collaborator/Partner Board

My Client Board

Mkay Flooring’s Case Studies Board

2) Teach them- 

  • Videos
  • How-to Images
  • Tutorial Boards
  • Fave blog posts/tips
  • Free resources


Badass Biz Chick Vids

Feminine Biz + Marketing Tips

Videos about Pinterest

How to make a Felt Board


3) Throw a Contest

  • Image creation contest
  • Quote Contest
  • Video contest


Pinterest Contest Examples

How Kraft set up their pinterest contest ( Great example of contest rules)

5) Tell them the story of You/Your Company

  • Share your story through images
  • Your main products
  • Your passions
  • Your Accomplishments and accolades
  • Showcase images of you and your company “in action”


A peek into my world- About Lauren and the Feminine Rhythm

Mayflower Brewing Company

6) Inspire them!

  • Funny/inspiring quotes
  • Funny/inspiring images
  • Videos


 Feel like giving up? Don’t!

7) Connect them!

Create a board for your group or community where the can share and inspire each other. Growing a strong community is key to having people stay with you and your tribe for years to come. People can give up all sorts of things, but one thing they really don’t want to leave is a community they feel connected to .

Ode to Woman- Fem Prez Inspiration ( collaborative board with me and my Art of Feminine Presence students)


More Pinterest Resources

Pinterest Case Studies

How Whole foods is using pinterest

How a Flooring company is using pinterest

Tools to increase your Pinfluence!

Read the Article from Mashable.com
1) Pinerly- pinterest analytics
2) Pin to quote- easy conversion of text to an image
3) Pin reach more pinterest analytics

Leave me some lovin! I’m stoked to know:

  • How are you already using pinterest for your business?
  • Given today’s video how will you start to use it for your biz?

Until next week!

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  1. Awesome!
    Thanks for your song :) I love your energy – this is great info and never thought about doing anything with my business on pinterest. I will be working on a lil somethin’


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