I give up AND I’m ready: how to use surrender in your biz

I’m about to pour my heart and soul out to you. Would you witness me for a moment?

I’m in the midst of creating my summer ‘Fire up your Biz‘ course and I’m realizing something very huge for me. I have a very deep rooted belief that in order to create I need to exhaust myself. And I’m literally tired of it and I’m ready to change it. If you can relate to this, keep reading, I’m about to do a soul-pouring….

I’ve always been a high achieving person, and that’s been an advantage for me. But it’s also my Achilles heel. Most people are somewhat shocked and awed to know that I run my whole business myself, including my video editing, web design, copywriting… pretty much everything. In fact, I think most people look at me and wish that they could do it all themselves too.

But here’s what you don’t see (unless you see me in person a lot)

I’M EXHAUSTED. I’m tired; the kind of tired where I need to lay down after one phone call. I still get frozen with fear, stuck in my own crazy belief patterns, in the fog, unable to express myself, totally unconscious, not present, anxious, and tense.

I have a list of “supposed tos” in my head. Supposed to get this done, call this person, email these people, eat dinner…

I’m “supposed to” stick to my weekly video schedule. I even have a video recorded and ready to edit. But I just don’t have it in me to edit it or send it out to you.

Over the years I’ve learned and come up with a routine that helps me move through these massive attacks of stagnation. It’s called SURRENDER.

I’m not talking about holding up the white flag and giving up. I’m talking about the kind of surrender that says, I’m ready.

Ready for what? Support, guidance, intuition, help, connection, love, your wildest dreams.

There is nothing that moves me back into receptivity and in the flow of my creation cycle for my biz than total surrender. Surrender is a powerful form of bright faith.

When you’re at your wits end and you have no idea what to do, you’re totally lost, your exhausted to the core, nothing is left to give. That’s when it happens.

It’s the kind of surrender that says:

I give up AND I’m ready. I ‘m listening.

Here’s a process I did today that got me into writing you this blog post:

1) Stop.Drop. And Roll into your Surrender Pose:

The quickest way to change how you feel is to move your body and the fastest way to move into surrender is to put your body in a position that gives you no other option.

My surrender pose usually looks something like the image to the left. Yours might look similar. It might look like childs pose or something completely different. Only you know

The key here is know your pose, and just go there. You’ll know you’re there because you’re body will start to get the “all is well signal”. Your breath will slow. The chatter will lessen, your heart will open again.

Be here as long as you need. You’ll know when it’s time to move on.


2) Find your Surrender Playlist:

Music has always played a large role in my life¬† as a dancer and as a hopeless romantic. I remember telling my good friend Joe once when he asked me what sort of music was my favorite and I said “music that makes me feel”.

Music makes us feel…. anything, something, everything. Music brings us into our bodies and into the present moment.

Lately I’ve been loving classical music ( Especially Eric Whitacre’s Album Water Night). Pandora and Spotify are a godsend.

Find what moves you. And if you need inspiration, the video below is one of my Art of Feminine Presence Students Lyndsey Rodriguez, singing a song called “Who you are” that always makes me feel and below that is a link to my Art of Feminine Presence Meditation playlist with some juicy music.

My Spotify AFP playlist: yin

3) Create your Surrender ‘Sacred Space’

Danielle Laporte’s book The Fire Starter Sessions¬† has brought up a revival in me around staying clear about how I want to feel in my life. For me, my big 5 are

nourished. influential. masterful.sensual. connected

The idea is that everything I do helps me create these feelings.

So today I made sure I created a space to create all these feelings during my surrender time. I created a workspace in my bedroom with candlelight, I brought in some flowers. A beautiful, sensual space makes me feel nourished and connected.

Creating beauty makes me feel masterful.

Feeling masterful helps me find a space to feel influential as I feel more inspired to write this heart-pour blog post.

Here’s a question to have in your sweet little surrender space this week:

WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO CONTROL in your life and business?

Your latest offering. Your children. Your partner. All of the above?

How can you let go a little ( or a lot) and move more into surrender.

Please let me know what you loved about this post and more specifically:

What do you do when you get into a whacky crazy space and you need to re-connect to yourself? What are your techniques for calming the freakout moments in your life?

If you loved this, please share it with your biz chick friends who might need some support! Here’s a quick tweet you can use to send out

Feel like giving up? Use your surrender pose @lauren_sheehan http://j.mp/JWuT0Q

I am reminded that when I find this space of sweet surrender, I find myself again. Which is the only thing I ever search for.

So remember sweet biz chick sister. Surrender and go home to yourself. Because it’s more of you that we want.

With so much love and gratitude,


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  1. Lauren I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. You do seem to be a superhearo at times, so to know that you are indeed human is refreshing and gives me great hope for my own life! The last two weeks I have been feeling incredibly exhausted as well. Im starting a business and havent had the energy to even make dinner, let alone market myself. Moments like this make me nervous and all the fear and negative self talk starts. I have been dealing with it by doing nothing. I allow myself to be tired and really rest. I take baths with epsom salt, go for slow walks at the beach, and clear my energy. I spent a whole day sleeping last week. I choose to trust my body and listen to what it needs. I have found that if I do nothing when my body can go no further, I recharge at a deep level, instead of filling myself with coffee and trying to push through. I feel better this week. In that space of nothingness last week, interesting marketing videos came to me and a woman at work brought me some questions to stir my mind about my website. Maybe when we get tired its the universes way of slowing us down to make way for the new.

    • Thanks Lisa! Doing nothing is such a sweet thing!

  2. Lauren, I loved this blog post – very timely for me. Also, I was deeply moved by Lyndsey’s song. Thank you for sharing. Do you know if we can you buy it on iTunes?

    • Lyndsey’s song is a song my Jessie J… I think her version might be available on itunes. But I will be sure to let her know you enjoyed it! She will love that

      Great to hear from you!

  3. Cant wait for the fire up your biz course!!!
    I’m ready!
    Love your blog :)
    I am still trying to figure out how I deal with freak out moments- I just breathe through it and think very carefully. I like to remind my self that most of those moments will pass and crappy situations are temporary. It helps to have a good supportive hubby too.
    Can’t wait to take my massage practice to the next level with your help this summer!

  4. WOW, Lauren–combining surrender and ‘I’m ready’ is SO powerful!!

    I’ve been stuck, in resistance mode to just about everything around me, oh for month or two…Just NOW I’m feeling breakthrough. I’ve been surrendering a lot–not because I even want to, but because my body makes me. Because I can only run away in circles for so long…and then comes sweet surrender of maybe, just maybe, it’s OK to feel exactly what I feel in this moment. The confusion, the exhaustion, the ‘too much is happening to me all at once’…all of that is normal, as is what it is. That’s what the surrender pose taught me: it’s safe to feel. I’m wanted. I’m supported. I’m held.

    Surrender pose even taught me self-love. I surrender to myself. To forces bigger than me. To all that is.

    I surrender to Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.
    One day I discovered pink Christmas lights in my garage and placed them all around my bed. Now it’s total magic once the big lights are off! ;)

    I also like to surrender by placing my feet into natural running water, like greenbelt, the springs or T-lake. Some Ong Namo’s help, too. ;)

    This is written so spot-on, Lauren, that I wanna print it out and stick it to my wall. Then pinterest it ;-P

    Love you!

  5. Loved this blog post Lauren! I can certainly relate as well, I create a silent, nurturing space to come back to myself when I get to this place, to remember who I am, how I feel and what I want. Much love.. Jx

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