Happy New Year!


As I reflect on this time of the year and I feel my own body and energy, I feel a calling to reflect on the year and the many lessons and blessings that have come into my life.


For one thing, it’s a blessing in itself to feel so in tune with the seasons and my body to sense these deeper knowings and callings for living my life.


This year I’ll be spending my NYE in a candle lit yoga ceremony, which feels so good. So good to have intentional space on that evening. I’m not much of a party-er or drinker anyhow.


However you spend the evening I hope you can connect to how you’d truly like to spend that time and find the courage and energy to move in that direction.


As we transit into a new year, I give gratitude for all that has occurred, I prepare to release the cycle of this full year as we enter another cycle, and I look forward from my belly, present, here, now, learning to be in life every day with presence and surrender.


My prayer for us all is that we take this energy and utilize it to make a mark for how we envision 2016, and that we are all able to let go of the way we think life should look and begin to take the reigns of where we are, who we are with, and what we do in the mundane tasks of life that keep our structure going, as well as in the excitement of new things, travel, and successes.


In honor of this, I present to you a simple ritual you can do on your own.


Blessings on this upcoming yearly cycle and deep bow to you my sisters.




New Year Candle Reflection Ritual:


#1 Create a space where you have time all to yourself ( as best you can mamas), I’d say 1-2 hours (again, as best you can mamas), and make a beautiful space for yourself with what you have or gather things like:


Flowers, Candles, Relics, Pictures, Stones, Crystals, Things that mean something to you.


#2 Clear your space by using palo santo, sage, and/or a color.


#3 Take some time to breath into your belly, and settle into your beautiful body and being.Be curious and sink into the breath, soften the posture, soften the muscles and bones, let your body take over. (if you’d like to have a guided meditation, you can use a free meditation I recorded that is found here. (5-15 min, or 30 minutes if you listen to the audio)


#4 Begin your time by greeting your body and your self with gratitude and honor. Speak aloud if you can, it’s very powerful. State your intentions for this time from a sincere heart.


“Dear Body and Spirit, would you be so kind as to be with me (your name), assist me, and be in partnership with me in this new years eve ritual. I would very much like your help and presence as we explore and reflect upon the year of 2015.”


#5 Ask your body any of these questions 1 by 1, giving LOTS of space to FEEL the answer without letting the mind do it. The body will speak in images, sounds, words, feelings, sensations. Give her space and time and DO NOT let your mind run away into stories or judgements. Be curious.  You may only work with one question the whole time and it may lead you to all kinds of places. Follow your body. (20-90 minutes)


1) What are the biggest challenges that I learned from this year?

2) Is there anything that needs my attention about 2015?

3) Is there anything that needs cleaning up, tied up, clearing up from 2015? And what is the best way for me to do that.

4) What are the blessings from this year that you’d like to honor and remember?

5) In one word, what was 2015 about for you?

Be creative, use your intuition, follow your body.

Looking forward into 2016, ask your womb and body, what is 2016 about for me? See if you can come up with one word, and just trust it even it makes no sense.

It’s ok if you’re answers are not fluffy or nice. Be honest with yourself. Maybe 2015 was total crap. That’s ok. Maybe it was amazing and magical. Cool. Get real with you and accept it.


#5 You may feel that you’d like to draw, dance, paint with these questions. I suggest not using writing as a tool as it’s too close to your left brain and mind. Anything that is body centered and non verbal is best.

#6 Close by thanking your body and spirit for the messages received.

“Thank you sweet body, and thank you spirit for being with me. I had a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to building our connection. Thank you thank you” ( or any other way you want to express gratitude)

#7 Get out a journal you love or paper and write the key messages you got. This helps to integrate and stay with the experience. The unfoldment of this experience will continue for some time so don’t worry if you don’t understand or feel like you didn’t get anything. This is more about an energy and subtle body rather than cognitive understanding.



Custom Mala Special for January

A way to mark the year ahead:
From now until the month of January ends, I’ll be crafting Malas with intention for your whole year.

We’ll look at your astrological chart, your current cycle, and your life path.
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Each Mala I make comes with a great deal of intention and thought unique to you and your life.
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