The Garden of Ydhen (Pronounced ee-dhen) is the working title of a novel I’m writing about the life cycle and mystical experience of the female body.

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*I read aloud an excerpt from the story, which my writing sisters all said put them in a deep trance,

*and then share with you a little about my creative process in developing the character of the land in the piece

*and offer a distinction between writing that puts a woman IN her body vs writing that intellectually talks at a woman about her body and why I feel the first kind of writing mentioned is so needed for us right now.

*Why I gave myself permission to become a writer of mythology for the female body

*Why I take regular breaks from all external media in favor of writing my own media for myself


Boneyard By Murshida Va www.murshidva.art
Naturaleza by Danit danit.bandcamp.com/releases


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How are noticing in your own life how certain writing can drop you IN to your body vs writing that can take you AWAY from it

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