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This is the Feminine Rhythm.

She is a Sanctuary for women who wish to celebrate and honor their bodies, their innate cycles, and the power and mystery of the female body.

Your Womb is for more than just birthing humans. There is a whole ecosystem inside your pelvis to tend to.

Your body is your greatest spiritual teacher. Let her be your guide.

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Live your Cycle Online Course and Study Circle

Join our living temple as we study this practice of cycles as a sisterhood.

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5 Day Audio Course: Cultivating Feminine Presence

Short 10 min Audio Lessons and Meditations to bring you HOME to your Body

Custom Designed Malas and Prayer Beads

For Healing Talismans, Ceremonials, and Rites of Passage

Join our Community

Join us in the Feminine Rhythm Learning Circle + Podcast Groupon Fb to receive updates about each podcast, courses, and  live video lessons from Lauren

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Offerings and Courses


Are you trying to conceive a child?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace of your life and family?

Did you just decide to get off birth control or are you in process of deciding?

Are you grieving a loss, a break up, or a great transition?

Ready to make space for a new partner, career, or aspect of your soul?

Do you want to bring more depth and connection to your current sexual partnership?

Do you want to have a strong, reliable, and sustainable guide for your creativity?

All of these are great reasons to study the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and your cycles as a woman.

The Cycle of your body is sacred. It is your creative rhythm and it contains gifts that you can use in practical ways to be the heart of your life, family, career, and home.

Come learn how to flow with it instead of against it.

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The Feminine Rhythm exists to educate women about the power, beauty, and natural rhythms of their bodies, feminine energy system, and spirit. Our intention is to guide women through the journey of remembering how to honor and celebrate their bodies, energy, and femininity through empowering you to create sustainable daily life practices that support the nourishment and blossoming of your unique expression of feminine power and wisdom.

Bring the art of slow, nourishment, and ritual back into your life.

Reconnect with the natural cycles life: your menstrual cycle, feminine energy system, and nature.

Deepen your self connection, awareness, and vibrancy

Live and Create life from your center.

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Learn the Female-Centric Way To Meditate
 Listen to my 5 Day audio course on Cultivating Feminine Presence 

We train and educate:

Women who want to find fulfilling and nourishing partnerships to do the necessary clearing work to receive this beautiful gift.

Women who are already in committed partnerships in the arts of erotic partnership and intimacy.

Teen girls who want to learn from the beginning how to honor their bodies, cycles, and personal boundaries so they can move into adulthood with the wisdom and birthright many women never got.

We offer private healing and embodiment training, group classes, retreats and sacred care products.

Lauren is the real deal, a magician who will unearth and expand your most sumptuous and feminine self.

Maddy Vertenten

Speaker and USANA gold Director, Vibrant One

My Most Recent Posts

E2: My Postpartum Story, Visions of a Whole Postpartum, and Daughters of Motherhood

E2: My Postpartum Story, Visions of a Whole Postpartum, and Daughters of Motherhood How might your motherhood experience be different if… the day your baby was born, a woman who loves you, who had been waiting and preparing for weeks, for the call, picked up her bags and came to your home, baring food, dishes  prepared, broths, herbs, teas, warm compresses, books to read to you, and her quiet yet reverent love for your sacred mama-baby tent that is now your life. She brings a wrap for your belly, helps you to get to and from bed to bathroom, brings you water, feeds you food, strokes your hair, checks on you even in the middle of the night, cleaned so you didn’t have to, helped you prepare a yoni steam, massaged your whole body with oil, held babe when you needed to shower, sat with you while you cried of both joy and terror, comforted your worries, helped you gain confidence in your nursing, and with her presence, let you know that you are ok, with her eyes, told you that you are held, and with her hands, let you know that you are not alone.  How might it be different if you had someone to be with you, just to care for you, to be a presence for you and with you, for a long while?  How might that change your experience of entering into motherhood? Listen in for this podcast, where I share a few poems and my story about the postpartum journey I made in September of 2016.  Music by Bridget Law, lead violinist of the...

The Phases of Bleeding Time

Did you know that you can track a series of distinct phases inside of jut the menstrual phase of your cycle? I call this time the bleeding retreat to aptly remind us of it’s true intention. Listen in to this share, an excert from the Live Your Cycle Online course, and sit with this information...

Podcast Episode 1: Work and Business in the Feminine Essence

The Feminine Rhythm Podcast- Episode 1 Business in the Feminine Total time: 1hr 16 min We are entering a very malleable and shifting world right now, and the world of business, especially online business in the realm of personal development, spirituality, and the “guru” is dying to it’s old ways. So how do we navigate this shift? How do we protect and align our energy as women towards what is rite for us and on our paths? What is the way to do business and work in our feminine essence? Listen in to this months Podcast and Practice, to be a part of this conversation on business in the “feminine”. Listen to the full podcast when you become a $10 a month patron. Music- Turning on a Dime by Bridget Law Show Notes 1- Show Welcome and Course Details 2- Tune in and WombSpace Embodiment Practice 3- “Work in the Female Form” Poem 4- The difference between distorted masculinity and 5- How and why you won’t be able to work in the same structure and time frame that the corporate global nation promotes and conditions us 6- Learning from slowness, your body and nature instead of from people or the current business structures 7- “The Difference is” Poem 8- How your menstrual cycle can be a guide for crafting a rhythm and a foundation for ANY business or family unit. 9- A bit of Lauren’s Background as a solo entrepreneur learning from all the biggest names you know of in the online personal development industry 10- Whats inside the backend of sales and the psychology of marketing and online...

Late Summer: The Season of Nourishment

  Late Summer: The Season of Nourishment Element: Earth  Emotion: Sympathy/Worry Archetype: Mother Color: Yellow/Orange Yin Organ: Spleen Yang Organ: Stomach Energy Imprint: Nourish yourself. Take in nutrients from your soil and enjoy your harvest. Slow down. Be creative with what is abundant in your natural environment. Prepare your nest for the fall and winter. Be nourished by the fruits of your own garden and your own labor.  Welcome to Late Summer. It’s getting dry-er, and the days are hot but less blistering. You can feel it in the air and in nature as you walk around.  The Earth element takes the center stage in this season and this is a powerful time. The Earth. Mother. Nourishment. Harvest. Satisfaction. Security. Safety. Belonging. Tribe. Root. All of these words fit into this season. The Stomach and the Spleen are the organ systems that govern this season and will be active guiding you and evolving who they are to you. The stomach is the organ that breaks down the the food we eat and begins the rotting and digestion process and the spleen is the organ that is responsible for taking that nourishment and distributing it throughout the body. It is involved in making blood cells as well, which is vital for delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every nook and cranny inside of us. These organ systems are so delicately connected to the nourishment we receive from mother earth through the food we eat, and even our own mother as we were sustained by her milk as babies. Anxiety and Worry are things that in Chinese Medicine stem from a...

Audio: A Short Lesson on Cultivating Mother Energy for yourself

I hope your July has brought you much softening, compassion, and understanding in your life. This is a time of year when we all go through a heart opening and it can be challenging, disorienting, and painful. In that, it’s also rich, beautiful, and uncovers new expressions of gratitude, joy, generosity, and clarity on where we want to harvest our fruits in the coming season. I have a small audio lesson for you to share from a recent trip to the wild. It is about how to cultivate the mother energy within you through rhythming with the natural light of day and it was inspired by my experience on this trip, which I’ll share a bit about below: In the beginning of July, I was gifted with an unplanned trip to the Colorado Western Slope with a friend. She had a house in Pagosa Springs Colorado, a place I had been interested in visiting for a long time.The land there is so sacred. Having not left my nest or my partner since becoming pregnant, I was very emotional leaving though I knew I wanted to go. It was a challenge and I cried and cried. Yet, my spirit was asking for wilderness and adventure. Having no idea what I would do on this trip, what I was given was time to myself and time to follow my adventurous and curious spirit for many days, traveling alone into the wild, exploring hot springs, enjoying mountain towns, loving wild flowers, getting to see the stars and two bands of the milky way (TWO!!!), hiking in to a remote natural hot springs...

Sweet Desperation and the Gift of Unwanted Emotions

It has only occurred to me several times before, the face of desperation underneath all it’s discomfort.   Desperation hides itself so well. In my bank account. In my relationship. In my family bonds. In my anger and sadness. In my unexpressed grief. In my worn down shoes. In my closet full of clothes that I no longer wear. In   She is like a chameleon who has a beautiful treasure that is wrapped in shards of glass and landmines, can change faces and color at will. Only to be seen by the most gentle and subtle of selves. Only coming out for just the right moment when it’s safe to be understood instead of despised or run from. A few days ago I saw her, and she was the face of a small little girl who desperately wanted to play.   And not just play, but to share that play time with others.   She is a longing for tribe and community.   For the kind of community that you can just sit and be with, roaming around the same house doing what you do, and finding those little moments of togetherness, sharing, and connection in a dance of all dances.   The kind of community who sees more of you than you do and wants to support you in being that. Who values the way that you live and be, the gifts of your emotions and your expression of love and compassion, where there is room for you to act out if you need to, where people make space for your differences and help you and everyone...

Womb Wraps- Why and How to use one

A few months ago, Claire contacted me about her womb wraps and graciously sent me one. I have always been a supporter of things that honor the female body, and this especially is something that provides warmth and support to the hips and pelvic bowl in a simple way. These are handmade items that come straight from the heart. I asked Claire a few questions about her wraps and these are her answers. You can see her work and where to buy them at her site 1) What inspired you to make the wraps?   My inspiration of the wraps was/is the protective holding quality which encourages tenderness,care and love. I needed to feel safe, held and protected; to enjoy and delight in the deliciousness of being a woman. I was feeling a deep need to be held and nurtured.I wanted to create a very real and practical holding for my body that could support the vulnerabilities I felt around being exposed and open. I am passionate about how we as women can love and cherish our innate knowing and our unique feminine ways and stay close with the needs of our bodies,hearts and minds.I am inspired by our innate connection to something bigger and our wild feminine nature. I wanted something that could hold me in deepening into that. I am inspired by growth and development and sinking deeper into who we innately are and what can resource and support that process.     2) Tell us about your process for making them.    I was using scarves and pieces of material and they kept falling off, so I started to experiment with a pattern and what could...

Spring: The Season of Vision, Possibility, and Renewal

Element: WOOD Organs: Liver (Yin), Gall Bladder (yang) Emotion: ‘Anger’- Forceful, noisy, vigorous energy which propels something forward Virtues: Vision, Purpose, Hope, Birth, Growth, Regeneration, Vitality, Fertility Taste: Sour Body Elements: Eyes, Tendons, Ligaments, Mind, Energetic Signature: Strength, Vision, and Purpose. The seed of life has burst open and is seeking to come to the surface to find light and nourishment so that it may carry out it’s vision to full fruition. A sense of growth, purpose, and hope begin to arise in our spirits and bodies. We are little seeds bursting from the soil and seeking our own light, sun, nutrients, and resting spots.   We just passed through the Spring equinox, the time of year that marks the beginning of spring. This season is related to the wood element, and the specific organ systems in the body, the liver and the gall bladder (both the organs themselves and the meridians that connect to them).   Before we get into spring, let’s briefly review the winter season so we can understand the connection between the two. In winter, a time of water, kidneys, and stillness, I mentioned that   “This season (winter) is a time when your system is re-organizing and restructuring your energetic and spiritual “Backbone” to support the coming year, and you may not even know really what’s in store. It can feel challenging with our cultural conditioning because this kind of growth occurs underneath and  beyond. It is not seen. And it requires slowing down, more stillness, and much more care. It is a time where we are in the dark, in the soil, where outside...

On Periods and Politics: Why women who love their periods choose differently

Women who love their periods, who love their womanhood, make different choices about everything… including world leaders: I havn’t said much about politcs or my views about it. I have been in a space where I want to let people make their own decisions about it. But I do feel called to share this and I asked myself… How can I relate this menstrual cycle, feminine, womb, stuff to the current political atmosphere in our lives? What I know about a woman’s menstrual cycle is this: When a woman is empowered about her own cycle, understands each phase and knows how to work with them, including how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and what not to eat, how to spend her time, who to spend her time with, and what kinds of projects she takes on in her life, she is much happier and vibrant woman. Her emotions are still there and she still goes through the ups and downs of the body’s rhythm, but she perceives and reacts to them in a much different way than a woman who believes her cycle to be a shameful, awful, distracting and unnecessary part of her life. She usually has a lot more space in her life for relaxing and enjoying what she loves and who she loves. She is able to give her love without feeling resentful. She is in tune with her inner spirit and her body. Therefore she experiences pleasure and gratitude. She allows for grief, rage, and sadness. She can let go and she can hold on to what’s dear. When a woman is...

That Weird Transition time from Winter to Spring

This week, we have entered into a seasonal transition that is palpable to feel. Especially with valentines day today a lot of emotions can be up for you. Can you feel it too? Whether or not your into celebrating Valentines day, this post is about sinking into the seasons and cycles of life as it happens, falling in love with where and who you are, and what is more important when it comes to love? On Monday February 8th, we completed the January Moon Cycle with the February New Moon. With that, we saw the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the new lunar year of the Fire Monkey.  The last two years have been of the wood element, which in Chinese 5 element is a spring time energy, think of a seed having sat under the earth for the winter and then beginning to burst out of the earth in search of light. Plants have this amazing capacity to move past any obstacle to get the light they need. It is this bursting forth from the the ground, that we begin to feel now as we move closer to spring. It can feel agitating, angry, frustrated, walled in. And all of this is actually just what we need to burst forth into spring this year. As we enter the next element, fire, for the year, we can see how the year of the fire monkey is meant to utilize the fuel and dreams and plans we have been preparing for and sitting with for the last two years of wood, so that we can blaze forth into seeing those dreams...

A Simple NYE Ritual and a Prayer

Happy New Year! Almost. As I reflect on this time of the year and I feel my own body and energy, I feel a calling to reflect on the year and the many lessons and blessings that have come into my life.   For one thing, it’s a blessing in itself to feel so in tune with the seasons and my body to sense these deeper knowings and callings for living my life.   This year I’ll be spending my NYE in a candle lit yoga ceremony, which feels so good. So good to have intentional space on that evening. I’m not much of a party-er or drinker anyhow.   However you spend the evening I hope you can connect to how you’d truly like to spend that time and find the courage and energy to move in that direction.   As we transit into a new year, I give gratitude for all that has occurred, I prepare to release the cycle of this full year as we enter another cycle, and I look forward from my belly, present, here, now, learning to be in life every day with presence and surrender.   My prayer for us all is that we take this energy and utilize it to make a mark for how we envision 2016, and that we are all able to let go of the way we think life should look and begin to take the reigns of where we are, who we are with, and what we do in the mundane tasks of life that keep our structure going, as well as in the excitement of...

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